Playtime With Your Dog - Benefits and Tips

Woof! Woof! I’m so excited today you guys because I get to talk about my favourite thing ever. That's besides mommy Renza of course. I'm talking about Playtime! Playtime with your dog has so many benefits for dogs as well as humans.

I hope all you pet parents are taking some time out of your busy day to play with your doggies. Playtime makes mommy Renza laugh like a crazy person and we both get some much needed exercise.

For those who are stressed, playing with your dog will help reduce some of that stress. It makes you and us happier. It also helps doggies release pent up energy that can lead to aggression and other behavioural issues.

Mommy bought me a ball, frisbee and my personal favourite, the tug rope (ropey). She keeps them in a safe place and only takes them out when we play.

Even though they are my toys, she says she needs to keep it with her because I chew on the toys. I can’t help it you guys, I’m a dog.

At the beginning when mommy bought my first ball (on ball number 4 now) and frisbee, I didn't know the rules yet. When we played fetch, I ran fast to get the ball and tried my best to keep it away from her. I also chewed the frisbee and it’s a little broken now.

One day she sat down on the ground when we played and when I retrieved the ball I dropped it in her lap. She was probably tired of trying to get it from me. It made her really happy.

I then tried my best to bring it back to her. It was really hard you guys because I loved guarding my stuff and suddenly I had to share, but I also love seeing mommy happy. When ropey came along, I didn’t know what it was. It made me really scared you guys. Grrr!!

Mommy started to wave it around and then kept it close to my mouth so I could try biting the rope to get familiar with it. After 10 min, I didn't care about my ball any more. I just play with ropey and she combined fetch with tug.

Now I retrieve ropey and then we tug a little. Renza says she read on the internet some people were discouraged from playing tug of war with their doggies. Apparently it teaches them to be aggressive.

That’s crazy you guys! It taught me self control. I stopped tearing my blanket and mat apart and I stopped resource guarding, It’s way more fun to play fetch tug with mommy instead of guarding the toy and we are closer because we have so much fun together.

When we play fetch tug, mommy counts down until three so that I don’t jump up to grab ropey. While counting she makes like she is going to throw.  She likes teasing me. I get crazy excited then and run really fast to go fetch it.

When I come back with ropey she gives lots of praise and thanks me for bringing it back to her. Then we tug and sometimes she wins and sometimes I win. It makes us doggies more confident if we win now and again.

Especially the doggies that’s fearful and anxious like I was. Remember to teach your dog the ‘let go’ trick when playing tug of war. Otherwise you’re not going to enjoy the game much.

When your dog tugs say 'let go' and the minute he lets go, give a high value treat. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.Soon there will be no need for a treat. They will know what ‘let go’ means.

Mommy taught me 'let go' just by saying the words and then she stops tugging at ropey.When the toy moves around that encourages the tugging. When it stops moving, we stop tugging. My reward was that I get to run after ropey.

So toys can be used as a reward as well. It all depends on your dog. I sometimes have to sit or do the down trick before she throws. When I get too excited she stops the game for a minute or goes inside. Then I behave better, because I don’t want playtime to stop.

She also tells me when it’s the last throw, so that I know. Doggies are smart you guys. We love routines and repeating things help us learn. I’ve got to go now. It’s almost playtime. Yay!

Don’t give up if your dog refuses to play with you or if they don't follow the rules. Mommy never gave up on me and she says I'm a really stubborn doggy. She must be talking about herself. Grrr!! Remember a happy dog makes a happy parent.

Woof!! Woooof!!!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Pixabay free stock images Renza edited.

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How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation.

I've always been fascinated with how the mind works. Being an introvert, my mind was always really loud and chaotic and I hated all the lies it was telling me. Yes! Our minds are liars.

What's even worse is that we actually believe the lies. "I'm such a failure" you tell yourself or "I'm not good enough" and the worst lie of all, "I'm all alone". Is that really true?

Your mind will show you how you failed, how you're not enough and how alone you are. Uhm, No! All lies!

We go through this life learning and growing everyday. If you didn't succeed at something, it just means you need more practice and the fact that you tried means you know a little more than you knew yesterday.

It could even mean you need to try different things until you find what fits you best. Through your life you're constantly going to change and evolve. Even your failures, especially your failures are just stepping stones to the next version of you.

Show your mind you are not a failure. Think of all your successes, no matter how big or small they are. I believed the "I'm a failure" lie, even though I achieved so much in my life.

I believed the "I'm alone" lie also, even though I had so many people in my life that loved me and would do anything for me. Luckily my best friend pointed it out, because I was so blind to see it.

This lie is common for those who aren't married with kids. Guess my mind wanted me to know it's time to settle down. It just did it in a way that was really cruel and it blinded me to all the other people I have in my life.

Remember to always question those negative thoughts. Find proof in your life that they aren't real.

If you think of the mind, it is similar to a filing cabinet. A really, really big one. It stores information by sounds, visual images, emotions or smells etc. It then links information together that might seem related or relevant.

So if you are in a situation, it will search the file cabinet and bring up whatever emotions, visual images etc relating to that situation.

That's all fine, right? It's how we remember things. But what if you're in a situation where you suddenly feel anxious and scared for no reason? Then it becomes a problem. Yes, the mind protects us from danger, but left uncontrolled it can be disastrous.

The mind is like a small child. It needs guidance. A few years ago I would have said there's no way I can control my thoughts, but it is possible. Know that you can never stop thoughts, they are just a natural way of being.

But you can become aware of what's real and what's not. It all begins by believing the fact that not all thoughts are real, then you're already halfway there.

There's a lot of things I've tried to quiet my mind. I was tired of all the clutter and the negative thought patterns I found myself stuck in. In future posts I will write on all the other methods I've tried.

In this post I'll just cover meditation. Meditation is an awesome way to quiet a chaotic mind. Mindfulness is just becoming aware of the present moment. 

How to practice mindfulness meditation

Meditation is the practice of turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment.

This is how it works

You basically need to find a quiet place where no one can disturb you. You can sit or lie down with your eyes closed and breath in and out while focusing on your breath.

The focusing on your breathing part will help your mind not wander off. If it does wander, and yes it definitely will, just come back to the present moment and keep focusing on your breath. 

Be aware when you first start meditating, it will be extremely difficult. Don't give up and say, "No, this is not for me". Our minds are not used to being quiet. So it's going to find a way to distract you from quieting it. Yes! It's sneaky.

Here are a few meditation exercises I like doing. I'm just making up my own names for them. I have no idea what their actual names are.

The empty room meditation

I would imagine a room filled with a lot of things. Then I remove the things one by one, until the room is empty. While constantly focusing on my breathing I would then just sit in the empty room.

You can even fill the room with your stress causing issues or anything that's currently causing you pain and remove them. Another thing you can try is making a fire in the middle of the room and burn everything.

Anything is possible in your imagination. Be as creative as you want to be.

The energy exchange meditation

Here's another cool meditation that I love and it kind of freaked me out when I first tried it. Basically you have to imagine that everything around you is made out of positive energy.

You know, feel good happy healing energy. When I say everything, I mean every single thing around you. The ground, desk, chair, a nearby plant, everything. You can do this one outside also if you want.

You have to do this exercise in a sitting position. Close your eyes and do the normal breathing, but this time when you breath in, you imagine breathing in all the positive energy around you. When you breath out you imagine releasing all the negative energy inside you.

You will normally feel your negative energy in your throat, chest or stomach. Wherever you have a bad feeling in your body. As you continue with this meditation you will notice something strange happening. Your body will start moving.

I can only describe it as a swaying motion. Yep! Freaky! No, you're not being possessed. Don't fight against it. Just let it be. Do this for 10 minutes if you're starting out.

You can increase the time when you feel you're ready. This meditation can be done with soothing music as well. Without music your body is still going to move on it's own. It's fun! Try it! 

The bubble river meditation

The last meditation exercise I always do when I notice that my mind is getting too loud. So this is how it works. I do this one lying down then I imagine my current thoughts are a river of bubbles. I then pop the bubbles or let them flow by.

Do not engage with the bubbles. Remember how your mind goes searching in the filing cabinet? If you engage with the thoughts, your mind will find more relating thoughts plus it will make up future scenarios that might possibly play out. You can do this exercise until you feel your mind is quieter.

Final thoughts

For beginners of any sort of meditation, it's best to start out with 10 minutes and just increase the time as you become more comfortable. 

The past is gone. The future does not exist. The only thing that is real is the present moment. We can not change the past, we can only learn from it and make better choices and be stronger because it happened.

The future is not here yet. There are so many possible outcomes the future has, so do not believe the outcomes your mind shows you.

Our minds are there to protect us from possible danger.  It will show you what can possibly happen. But these possibilities are determined by things that happened in your past, things you've seen, heard or read somewhere. Yes, it just takes in all that information and makes up some story that seems real.

This moment is the only thing that is real. Do you normally see yourself in your thoughts? Well that alone should tell you that your mind is constructing a so-called reality. It fooled us all.

The mind is brilliant and beautiful. There is so much untapped potential there. Getting rid of the chaos, being mindful and always questioning your negative thoughts will take you one step closer to a happier and more peaceful life.

Until next time,

Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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Woof!! Hello guys. Today we have a very special guest post. Some nice people from Pet Video Verify asked mommy Renza if they could post on our blog. They help to identify lost and found pets through a video identification system. If you read our blog post on the importance of dog name tags, then you know we talked a little about microchip implants. Pet video verify is an alternative to microchips. So check them out you guys! You can read their article below to find out all about them and please share. It will help our furry friends. Thank you everyone Woooof!!!

Pet Video Verify – Pet Microchip Alternative

Pet Video Verify’s software is video identification for your pet!

Today lost and found pets are a big issue. Many pet owners have high anxiety that their pet is going to get lost. They should be worried, the statistics are that many pets do get lost, it is estimated that 1 in 3 pets will get lost sometime in their lifetime. If you don’t act quickly and have systems in place, you may never see the pet again. Pet Video Verify is developing applications that help you put systems in place that help manage your pets better with this website.

Pet Video Verify pet video identification system is a patent pending system. This video identification system is trying to revolutionize how lost pets are found and returned to the owner. In the current version of the web application, the pet owner looks over the pet for special attributes and takes measurements, then they video the pet including the special attributes and measurements, you can see an example of a video identification by clicking here. When all these special attributes and measurements are put together, virtually any pet can be identified. A video of your pet is a lot better way to identify them because with a video you can get all parts of the pet’s body. In the future, we are going to include electronic measurements of the pet in the video!

Pet Video Verify has integrated another application into its software and it is the ability to store pet medical records online by visiting here. When you have access to your pet medical records online, you can access the medical records anytime you need them from any device that is connected to the Internet. Keeping your pet medical records online also help veterinarians because if your pet gets lost and ends up at the vet, the vet may not know the identity of your pet. The vet can use the video identification to identify your pet and also pull your pet's medical records! Very helpful and can save your pet's life!

Pet Video Verify has an application where pet owners can sell their used pet items to other pet owners. Pet owners search the Internet looking for pet items. Many would prefer pet items that have already been used and that the owner needs to get rid of, which can be found here. They can search Pet Video Verify for these items and contact the owner to purchase those items.

Pet Video Verify also receives pet coupons from major retailers at their site. We receive the coupons or deals from big retailers such as PetSmart! We push the coupons and deals directly to our users helping them find deals on new items that they need for their pet! We are getting new advertisers all the time so we receive lots of good coupons and deals!

Pet Video Verify also has a pet supply store for when you want new pet items instead of used ones! We are updating these new pet items all the time. Check out these items by clicking here!

You can also post your cute pet pictures for everyone to see on our website. People love cute pet pictures because they bring joy to their life. Pet owners love posting them because they are proud of their pet and they want them to bring joy to other people. Also, look at funny pet videos by clicking here!

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The Power Of Words - Teach People How To Treat You.

Our words are more powerful than we can imagine. A compliment can make someone's day and a rude insult can make someone feel a lot of pain. Yes, The power of words are extremely effective in controlling how someone feels.

Growing up, I did not have the perfect childhood. I looked different and acted different. That left me open to a lot of teasing. I was an easy target.

As I got older I wanted people to like me, so I was super nice to everyone and agreed with whatever they said and wanted. That meant I had no voice of my own and people could just walk all over me.

They could say whatever they wanted to me because they thought it was okay. Why wouldn't they right? I never corrected them and said "No, that hurts me" or "No, you are wrong".

Finding my voice

One day I heard a phrase on TV; Teach people how to treat you. That simple phrase made a huge difference in my life. In its simplicity it made so much sense. From that moment on I decided to teach people how to treat me.

Whenever somebody said or did something hurtful, I told them how it made me feel. I no longer agreed with whatever someone said or did just because I was afraid of that person not liking me any more. I finally found my voice.

Yes, I became more assertive. Some people unfortunately don't like when you challenge them. They are hard set in their ways. Others are more open to change. I learned that you can't really change people. Don't even try. That's an uphill battle you're never going to win.

Speak up when someone treats you badly

If someone is not treating you the way you are meant to be treated, then you need to tell them. Speak up! They either need to adjust and realise they are treating you badly or you need to distance yourself from them and surround yourself with people that respect you.

The funny thing is some people have no idea that they are hurting you. They think their words and actions are normal. I'll admit I'm guilty of that sometimes too. I would say something and not even realise that I'm hurting that person. But it's something that can easily be fixed if you get to know someone better.

Make sure others know your boundaries

People aren't mind readers. You need to tell them what you don't like. We all have boundaries. Limitations or a line we expect people not to cross. Let people know when they have gone too far.

Yes, sometimes it can be good to hear something that you can work on to improve yourself, but if it's turned into a shame game then its wrong. We all move at our own pace through this life. People need positive reinforcement, not negative.

This is also how most relationships are damaged. Sometimes people have no idea how to communicate with each other. They don't tell the other person when they have crossed a line because they are scared of loosing them.

They quietly resent that person and all along the other person is clueless about what's going on. It's okay to let them know. If someone truly loves you they'll do what makes you happy. They may surprise you and your relationship with that person might change for the better.

Think before you speak

We need to stop and think before we comment on someone’s appearance or anything that might seem personal. One person might be okay with it, another not.

People want to be complimented and feel like they belong. They want to be heard and understood. Go and give someone a compliment today. Tell someone they look nice or that they have done a great job.

Focus on their good qualities and let them know how awesome you think they are. Remember your words are powerful. Use them to teach people how to treat you and treat people the way you want to be treated.

Until next time,

Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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Things to consider before shaving your dog.

Woof!! Hello guys. I’m back! Mommy Renza asked me to write this blog post about doggy hair. She reckons because I have a lot of hair, that automatically makes me a dog hair expert. Yes! Her words, not mine.

The other day when she was busy cutting  my hair, she wondered if I needed to be shaved rather, but there are a few things to consider before shaving your dog's hair.

Things to consider before shaving your dog

A dog's or any pet’s coat is like the insulation of a house. Insulation keeps the house from getting too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Doggy hair is exactly the same.

 It helps us to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. That’s why I hated when Renza cut my hair. Spring just started and I still had my winter coat. Luckily she didn’t cut off too much. I stopped her. Woof! Grrr!

Our coats protect us from sunburn and skin cancer. Dogs with thin coats and dogs like me with white or light coloured coats are vulnerable to sun damage.

Trimming our hair in summer is fine. For example, a puppy cut is best for dogs with long hair like mine. At least an inch of hair should be left.

Dogs shed their winter coats naturally for summer so our hair is less heavy. Some of us prefer long hair and some prefer short. If we get mad at our humans or cutting our hair, there's normally a good reason why.

We are not built like humans, our bodies regulate temperatures differently then a human body. Get us a nice cooling mat rather if you think we look too hot with all our hair.

Mommy says I have a lot of mats (hair that clumps together) and she has to cut them off. It hurts too much to brush out the mats, so cutting them is better. No one likes tangled hair and I have a lot of hair you guys. A lot!

Brushing and keeping my coat clean helps a lot with the air circulation around my skin. It keeps me cool also and prevents skin infections. I don’t like bathing and brushing, but I sit still when Renza does it. She just takes way too long.

You can take your dogs to a groomer or Vet and ask them what is best for their type of coat. They will probably know more than I do and definitely more than mommy Renza. I’m still upset that she cut my hair.

Luckily my hair grows fast. She’s talking about taking me to a dog groomer soon and I’ll try my best to behave. They must just be quick about it, because I get very impatient and someone will get teeth marks on their hands. Grrr!!

That’s all you guys. I hoped this helped you decide if you're going to shave your dog's hair. Goodluck!!

Woof!! Woof!! 

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog and Part-time blogger
Likes: Playing, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and visitors with long coats

Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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  Letting Go and Moving On

"Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over" - Guy Finley

One of the hardest things a person can do in this life is letting go and moving on. We are so comfortable with our routines and we hate change. I hate change, but there comes a time in our lives when we need to move on and let go.

If you have good things in your life, hold on to them no matter what. Always move in the direction of things that feels good and makes you happy. That way you know you're on the right path.

The day I decided I wanted to be happy was the greatest day of my life. Yes, it's a choice. I promised myself I would never ever get stuck in a situation that makes me miserable and sad again.

We are in charge of our own lives and happiness. Don’t wait for the right time or that perfect moment. You’re the only one that can create those moments.

We tend to stay and be brave in situations that make us miserable. “Oh, it's not so bad”, you tell yourself or “This is how life should be”.

Reality check. No! Life should not be full of pain. Yes, we feel pain when someone we love passes on or we loose something that’s dear to us. Unfortunately, we can’t control those things, but there are plenty of things you can control.

What in your life is making you miserable? Is it a job that you hate or a relationship that makes you unhappy or you have bad habits that are affecting your health or hurting those you love.

Change is hard, yes. I resigned from my job two years ago. I was miserable the entire ten years I worked there. I thought life was supposed to be like that. Hard. No, it was not easy leaving.

It was the hardest thing I had to do because it was a big part of my life. I had my comfortable routine, a career that I hated but it was my way of contributing to society. Everyone expected me to have a plan for my so-called new life.

I was just relieved that I finally let go, but extremely sad because it was over. I had to give up a relationship and friends. Everything that was linked to whatever made me sad. The relationship was easy to let go of once I decided that I needed to have people in my life that make me happy.

The friends I could have kept, but once you change, it's hard to maintain friendships with people in your old life. When everything was said and done, I felt lost.

I lived in between what was and what will be. In limbo. I had to start over. I had to find out what I wanted out of this life. No, it was not easy.

That’s why we stay even though we are miserable because we hate starting over. I stayed too long and missed out on a lot. Years of my life I can never get back. It felt like I was fast asleep and suddenly I woke up.

If you’re still asleep, Wake up! Go be happy! This life waits for no one. Don’t wait until you’re on your death bed and wondering…What if? By then it’s too late.When one door closes another door opens.

Yes, it's sad letting go and moving on, but that sadness is brief. A month after I decided to change my life, when I finally woke up, I met my best friend. He's like my mirror. I've never met someone that I felt an instant connection with and that I don't have to explain myself to.

He just understood that this is who I am because we are the same. I’m the one that no one understands and yet I found someone that understands me, motivates and inspires me. He’s crazy about Buffy and helped me when I had difficulties bonding with my dog.

He helped me through limbo. I would never have met my best friend if I was still stuck in my old life. Luckily I woke up and found two best friends. A furry one and human one.

God sends us the right people when we need them the most. Know that you’re never alone. Your family and friends are there to help you if you have difficulty letting go. Just ask for help, but also learn to be independent.

We need motivators and supporters in our lives to help us stand on our own two feet. People will carry you for only so long. Remember you’re in charge of your own life, no one else is.

Change might be difficult and hard, but if it allows you to move on from whatever is making you miserable, then it can’t be that bad. Today I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time.

Decide what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Letting go of the pain in your life will take you closer to happiness. When you look back in a few years from now, it will be the best thing you ever did.

Until next time,

Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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