Barking 101 - How to Have Successful Barkoffs at Night.

Ruff! Ruff! Hello my fluffy pack! Recently I shared my revenge plan to get mommy back for betraying me. In there I talked about how I arranged barkoffs at night in order to turn mommy into a zombie.

For those who don't know, barkoffs are barking competitions where doggies in the neighbourhood compete to see who has the best bark. I thought I'd share some tips for those doggies interested.

Why have barkoffs?

Some may wonder why have barkoffs? Well, for me it was to get revenge on my human Renza. Our humans are very naughty sometimes and they keep blaming us for unnecessary things like destroying shoes. They have enough!

It's a perfect payback strategy for all the times they ate infront of us or wouldn't allow us on the comfy couch. For all the times we were yelled at for eating their precious furniture, clothes and cars.

Yes! I ate mommy's car. So what?! I was teething. I ate all my toys and the car was conveniently there. It's Renza's own fault for not providing me with proper chew toys. Anyway, barkoffs are payback for everything!

Barking 101 - Fluffy eating blue car.

They think they rule us, but we need to show them we're in charge. Barkoffs are not just to show off your barking skills but to show your human if they mess with you, they'll become the walking dead. I mean zombies. You know, humans that don't sleep. Geez! No one is getting murdered!

Here are some barking competition tips.

Ways to have a successful barking competition

1. Must be at night

The best time to hold a barkoff is at night. Why? Because our humans are asleep then. Durr! So far none of them has gotten up to make sure their doggies stop barking. That means it's the best time.

They are comfy in their warm beds and when the human is half asleep they won't get up for anything. You can try during the day but it's historically known as a bad time.

2. Make sure your human is asleep first

Test bark first before you go all out. If your human does not attempt to quiet you then they are asleep. That's when you can start signaling to the rest of the dogs in the neighbourhood to check if they are ready.

Barking 101 - Fluffy and Buffy inviting dog to barkoff night.
Inviting grumpy evil neighbour to barkoff night
Worst case scenario, your human gets up and starts yelling at you to keep quiet. You're on your own then. Try sad eyes if you're in too much trouble. Goodluck!

3. Perfect your barking skills

Remember this is about winning. If you have a lame bark then don't even try to join in. Snowy has a one tone bark. He is a perfect example of a dog that should stay far away from barking competitions.

I'm not sure who taught him this important skill but they did a very bad job. Buffy has 10 or more different barking sounds. It's impressive! He taught me the howlbark and I use that when I battle in barkoffs.

Buff joined the other day for the first time and it went on the whole night as other dogs tried to outperform him. I'm always competing so that means I'm ranked on top in the neighbourhood. Buff just won that one night.

Practice your barking skills everyday. Try different tones. Don't be a one-toner otherwise you'll lose rank and status.

Oh, update on Snowy! He is now a master hole digger and escape artist. Guess he was ready to upgrade from his watering everything skills.

Mommy wants him back with us, but it's not up to her. Too bad mommy! Your precious Snow-snow has his own home and human. Move on already!

4. Don't bark alone

I hear some doggies barking alone after everyone has stopped. It's over! Accept defeat and go sleep! Geez! No one cares!

Don't be that dog! Best to do it in groups then you won't get into trouble. You just blame the other dogs. Like yawning, barking is contagious for dogs. At least your human must continue to believe that.

5. Get enough sleep

If you're planning a barkoff, get enough sleep during the day. If you don't, you'll be the one that will feel like a zombie.

Zombie-dog is not a title you want to have. Sure you'll be feared, but you'll get less cuddles and tummy rubs because everyone is very protective over their brains.

Letting mommy know she can forget about sleep

Hope that was helpful my fluffy pack. Remember to practice your bark regulatory or else you'll get crushed by the competition.

In the beginning I made that mistake, but then I started barking at the school children and that significantly improved my bark.

Got to go now. I just heard a car pull up. Great time to show visitors my barking skills and my fluffy dance. Buff already alerted mommy to come out with his visitors bark.

Soon they'll look scared of all our fluff and cry like babies because humans are that crazy. Don't worry! They'll soon be mesmerized by me and my special skills!

If not, I'll have to use my trip skill on them. Hug their ankles very tight and watch them trip and cry for real. Bwahahaha! What?! Too evil?

Ruff! Ruff!

Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy work, part-time blogger, world leader in training.
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting hands, destroying everything in sight, playing, stalking, digging, cuddles and tummy rubs.
Dislikes: Baths, self-cloning Needleman and not getting my way.

Pic credit: Pics of Buffy and Fluffy that Renza edited.

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What are Zoomies Really? - Buffy and Fluffy Reveal the Truth.

Woof! Woof! Hello, you guys. Today we have another special discussion on the blog. If you've ever noticed your dog suddenly supercharged, running faster than normal and acting crazy, then you've witnessed the Zoomies aka FRAP (Frenetic Random Activity Periods). You probably wondered why this happens and what are zoomies really?

Zoomies is something that many dog parents are puzzled about and we thought we'd clear up any questions you might have about it.

It's best to get these answers from us because we know more about the subject. Zoomies is in our blood. Literally! But we'll discuss that later.

Fluffy will be joining me today. She's been a bit unhinged lately after the spay experiment. Not sure if she's still high or what. Who are we kidding? She has always been crazy! Help me!

Buffy: Morning Fluff!

Fluffy: Morning Buff! I heard that crazy comment! Grrr!

Buffy: It was a compliment Fluff! Geez! I see you're all better now after the Needleman experiment.

Fluffy: Yes Buff, I'm all good now and I got some sweet revenge on mommy too. She'll be feeling my wrath for a while still.

Buffy: Sorry I couldn't help you with revenge business. I was too busy hiding from the scissors. But I've seen your revenge work in action and I'm impressed.

Fluffy: Thanks Buff! And I understand why you couldn't help. Your hiding was actually part of my plan.

Buffy: Wait! What?

Fluffy: Huh?

Buffy: We'll discuss it later! Today our loyal fluffy pack wanted to know all about zoomies. All dogs get them, but you get them all the time it seems. Maybe you can answer this one Fluff.

Fluffy: Well, Buff!...Long ago our ancestor, the wolf was bitten by the crazy Tasmanian devil aka the Zoomie god. Ever since then the wolf and all its descendants, including us were cursed with changing into zoomies atleast two or more times a day.

Buffy: Seriously Fluff!

Fluffy: Yep!

Buffy: So we're kinda like a werewolf but in this case Tasmanian devil cursed wolves.

Fluffy: Weredogs!

Buffy: Yes, we are dogs Fluff!

Fluffy: No, I said Weredogs! One word!

Buffy: Oh I get it! Is there a cure for our zoomie weredog curse Fluff!?

Fluffy: When we change into zoomie weredogs we provide laughter for our humans so there's no need for them to look for cures. I rip apart stuff during my change but I also do it when I'm just a doggie. It's normal fluffy behavior amplified!

puppy frap or puppy zoomies.

Buffy: You ripped apart my bed atleast 10 times this week!

Fluffy: Sorry Buff! It was the weredog! Not me!

Buffy: Oh. I get zoomies at 5 pm only and you get them in the morning around 7 or 8 and then 5 pm again. Why do you get double zoomies?! Is there a reason?

Fluffy: Well, Buff. The curse is stronger in younger dogs. In time, I'll only change once a day. When I was a puppy I got zoomies all day long. It's part of growing up.

Buffy and Fluffy Zoomies, frapping dog.
Zoomies is coming...

Buffy: That makes sense yes Fluff! Are there any tips you can give our loyal fluffy followers on how to handle the zoomies?

Fluffy: Sit back and enjoy the show! Don't laugh when you're eating or else you'll choke and don't blame your doggies for what the Tasmanian devil did to the wolf all those years ago. Things will get destroyed in your house, but it's not your dog's fault. It's the weredog's fault!

Buffy: Thank you for that valuable information Fluff! I'm sure the fluffy pack appreciates it. Even though it sounds like it was made up.

Fluffy: Nope! That's the story of our people Buff! It was just buried like all curses are.

Buffy: I think we can end off now and go rest up for afternoon zoomies.

Fluffy: Agreed! My morning zoomies was productive but I'm wiped!

There you go guys! I hope you have all your zoomies questions answered now. Mommy thought that Fluffy was possessed when she first witnessed the zoomie change.

Someone told her it was just zoomies but now we know that it is a form of possession by a different type of devil that's also a cartoon character. The horror!

Please don't bother with cures. Us doggies love zoomies and you should too!

Woof!! Arhoooooooff!!

Interviewer: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger, Alpha dog, part-time chef
Future plans: Be the most cuddliest dog in the whole wide world
Likes: Playing, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Interviewee: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy work, part-time blogger, world leader in training.
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting hands, destroying everything in sight, playing, stalking, digging, cuddles and tummy rubs.
Dislikes: Baths, self-cloning Needleman and not getting my way.

Pic credit: Pics of Buffy and Fluffy that Renza edited.

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Fluffy's Revenge - Paying Back Mommy Renza.

Ruff! Hello my fluffy pack. As you all may know, recently I was spayed and betrayed (read). Mommy Renza is the culprit and I was thinking of ways to pay her back for betraying me.

I've forgiven her a little, but she has to suffer a bit. I need to let her know no one messes with me. No one! Grrr!

As your future queen I can't be seen as weak. I need to make an example of human mommy Renza otherwise my fluffy sheep will turn into wolves.

Exhibit A: Betrayal proof

Here are some ways to get her back.

Fluffy's Revenge

1. Howl every morning at 4 am

If you are a loyal fluffy pack follower, you should know that I howl every morning at 6 am. Think of me as an alarm clock. Kinda like a rooster but a doggie. Rooster-dog!

Renza passes out at 10 pm every night like clock work and needs exactly 8 hours of sleep to feel 'normal'. I've changed my howling time to 4 am and now she gets only 6 hours sleep. Shame, she looks like a zombie. Take that mommy!

2. Send away her beloved Snowy

As soon as I heard of the spay experiment plan, I jumped into action and increased my interactions with Snowy. He's very old and not my type, but I made mommy think I like him by holding paws infront of her.

It was not nice but a fluffy got to do what a fluffy must do. What this did was stress her out and she was on the verge of breaking. She knew it was time to say toodles to Snowy and kept asking when they're gonna fetch him. Soon he was gone.

I saw her shed one tear after that. Her eyes are too dry for tears so one was all that came out! Take that human! I'm sure your Snowy is happy he's home with his own mommy. Not a fake one!

3. Turn her Buffy against her

You all should know that Buff and Renza go back before my time. It's a bond that's really hard to break, but that will not stop me from trying.

After I was drugged and had my organs removed, I never left mommy's side. I slept in her room, got loads of head scratches and more treats than Buffy.

I milked it long enough for Buff to notice the scale has shifted. He saw all of this and now he's very upset.

He nipped her tiny hands and she was very cross. Unfortunately she manipulates Buffy and soon there will be balance again.

He's getting hand fed yummy treats for super glue bonding time. Fine! You won this round Renza. It was nice to know how close I got to burning that bridge.

4. Have barkoffs in the middle of the night

Unfortunately a human can still function on six hours of sleep. I decided to arrange barkoffs at night to help remedy that. What are barkoffs you ask? Well my fluffys, it's barking competitions between neighbourhood doggies.

There are a few dogs in our neighbourhood that think they have the best bark on the block. We have regular contests to see who is superior. Me! It's always me. My bark is a howl-bark. No one can beat that. No one!

Well...Buff ruined my rank when he decided to join in the other night. He's an expert barker and has atleast 10 or more different barking sounds. All for different situations! He taught me the howl-bark and some others.

Snowy has one bark for everything. Yep! One monotone bark! That makes him a really bad guard dog.

No one knows if he's barking at visitors, another dog or the wind. He was good for extra back-up though, but should not bother joining barkoffs.

Luckily Buff only joined in once and my rank was restored. These competitions are best performed during the night when our humans are sleeping otherwise we'll get into trouble.

Renza is a light sleeper and does not appreciate my howl-barking skills. Guess my quiet training was incomplete. Or was it!?

Sleep deprived zombie Renza will be my best creation ever! The disobedient humans that refuses to follow me and that mind-tuning is too good for, will be thrown in a dark pit with her on fluffy island. Brraaaiiinnnnss!!!

5. Sell human mommy Renza

I'll be putting up an ad online soon to advertise Renza for sale. I'm sure she will bring me in alot of money to contribute to my fluffy world domination fund. Here's a ruff draft of the ad.

Human For Sale

If you're looking to buy a human, look no further. Please don't! I have a human to sell and the sale needs to go through fast before anyone suspects anything.

Here's what you'll get!

Human has tiny hands with long nails, perfect for tummy rubs. She has enormous eyes and is a bit chubby. The winter did not help! She can make yummy food and clean good but gets very lazy sometimes. You'll probably get one meal a day if you're lucky. Get used to dried bag food. 

She's obsessed with tv shows and refuses to play with me during her watching time. Human is also a master manipulator and backstabber so watch your back. Don't buy if you're a weakling because there are no refunds. She's takes way too many pics of me and my brother Buffy and I'm sure our souls are forever stuck in her cheap phone.

Make sure you call the following number to place your auction money bet. Bidding will start at $666. Call 0800 PAY BACK.

Hope one of you will buy her otherwise I'll have to arrange to have her shipped to another country and I'm short on fluffy funds right now. Zombie Renza might derail my plans and fluffy island is nowhere ready to contain the backstabber.

I feel much better now that I have my revenge plan written out. If any of you tip her off you will be marked as a traitor and you know what happens to traitors. To fluffy island you must go for some much needed tuning.

Buffy trying to warn Renza
Buffy trying to warn Renza but failed miserably!

Got to go now my fluffy pack. I see mommy walking this way. She has treats! She's smiling at me and asking what her sweetie is doing. See what I have to deal with?!

I need to stay strong. No melting can take place...My tail just started wagging uncontrollably. Damn you tail!

See you soon, fluffy sheep! I need to give mommy some licks and cuddles so that she can go to sleep! Shhhh! One word of this and you're toast!!

Ruff! Ruff!

Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy work, part-time blogger, world leader in training.
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting hands, destroying everything in sight, playing, stalking, digging, cuddles and tummy rubs.
Dislikes: Baths, self-cloning Needleman and not getting my way.

Pic credit: Fluffy(me) and Buffy posing for pics Renza took and edited.

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How to Be More Confident as a Blogger.

Being confident as a blogger is essential if you want to make a success of your blog. My confidence took a knock for some reason recently and I'm not exactly sure why it happened.

Blogging is hard. Being active on social media is hard. You have to consistently produce content and hope people will like it.

Even though my blog views has increased in the last two months, I'm not gaining enough followers and not making any money.

Of course this blogging thing is one nut I want to crack and I've been hard at work brainstorming and trying to absorb all the info out there.

I've changed and updated loads of stuff already on my blog and it took effort and many long hours. It's a slow process. I know what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it, but it's like I need to clone myself to get it all done.

Everything I just said now is proof that my confidence went down. Blogging is supposed to be fun and I'm comparing it to hard labor. For me atleast its been a fun experience. When you enjoy something, you don't mind the work involved.

As bloggers we depend on how many people read, share or comment to know if we're doing a good job. It gives us a little push to continue. But if they don't, it's easy to loose confidence and giving up.

This feeling of doubt is something I've felt before. I felt it for two years before I gathered enough courage to start this blog. I felt it when I got overwhelmed with everything I had to do to get people to notice and read.

I've managed to get over this feeling then and I know I will again. I guess it just creeps up on me sometimes.

Lately I've been really overwhelmed again. My head filled with way too many ideas, I got way too busy until it felt like I needed a breather.

That's normally when I disconnect from all social media and take a step back from the blog. The further away I step, the harder it is to get going again.

After that, all that's left is doubt and wishing I can get back to my happy creative flow place again. This happened three times during this first blogging year. For some weird reason or another, I'm still here.

I also noticed after each occurrence of this feeling and when I managed to get over it, my blog progresses. Not by itself, but by little changes I make. By learning and noticing things I missed before.

One of the rules of success in anything is that you have to be teachable. I didn't really understand what that meant because most of us are teachable but not all become successful. Lately I'm starting to see what is meant by it.

There are layers to figuring something out. You only advance or see the next step or level once you figure out the basics. The more you learn, the more you advance. That's how you master something.

You also need to experience or practice the thing you've learned in order to master it. That's how confidence is build. Slowly moving up the steps.

I remember reading loads of info with answers to my questions. Solutions. But yet I dismissed it as unimportant.

Once I understood and practiced the basics and climbed up the steps learning more and more, only then the solutions were finally accepted as important by my mind.

There's no running to the top. Sometimes the answer would stare me in the face, but because I didn't follow the process, I was blind to see it.

That's why when most people fail, they give up. They refuse to climb the steps and want easy solutions. The weird part is the solutions are easy but your mind will ignore it.

The process is there to train your mind to see more of something and make proper connections depending on how much information you feed it. There are no straight lines to attain something.

One day you'll kick yourself because you've had the answers all along. It was just in your mind's blind spot.

I see these online marketers trying to sell plans or the formula on how they made their first 6 figures online. That will only work for a small percentage of people. Same goes for the perfect way to loose weight.

There are different variables that goes into reaching a goal. Maybe the guy selling you his formula was taught by age 13 the value of money and has no limiting beliefs when it comes to wealth.

Maybe he has a way with words and can easily influence people. Something that he learned from his parents, a job or wherever.

Point is, the experiences he had throughout his life taught him what he needs to know to make money and his mind had years of practice and focused on that goal.

Sure they'll mention they've failed a thousand times and guess what? You probably have to fail a thousand times too before you get there.

Unless you match some of his life experiences and thought processes that formed from them, then his formula might be the last piece of your puzzle.

I'm not saying this to make you think it's pointless. I believe understanding why something happens will help you get over it faster. You'll always hear, "Just keep at it and you'll succeed!".

Now you know why it will take time and no it's not about how smart you are. Being teachable means you have to accept failure and have the ability to rise, brush it off and try again. Failing is also essential to being successful.

What it will do is allow you to take a step back, reflect, notice mistakes, get in there again and learn more about how to fix whatever you did wrong.

You'll also realise it's not like starting over when you fail. You will know more than before. You're just missing certain pieces of the puzzle. Failing is good!

If you fail it's an opportunity to get you closer to your goal. For some reason we all were conditioned to believe failing is bad. Me too. But understanding why and the benefits of it will remind you to keep going even though failing hurts.

Yes, it sucks but it's the only way to get better at something. This will not work without passion. If you hate doing something and try to make it work, don't bother. It won't work without patience either. It takes time.

I've given up on alot of things because of this. You too. Just because we didn't stick it out long enough for our minds to show us more or accept the answers as valid. The mind hides so much from us. All we can do is train it better to focus on our goals.

But looking at it another way, if you were passionate about something you would not have given up and would have reached your goal. The things you gave up on were probably not meant to be.

I'm not sure if I explained it clear enough or if your mind accepted my explanation but that's how I see the learning process and gaining confidence in whatever you do.

Confidence = Knowledge + Experience

I made that equation up but it sounds valid to me. That applies for anything you lack confidence in. Sorry I tend to expand alot on these posts. My head works overtime and loves dissecting things. Anyway, back to the confident blogger part.

A successful blog is not a hobby unfortunately. It's like a job. But unlike a job where you take orders, a blog is your creation. You're the boss and need to make sure your blog does not go to blog cemetery.

I thought of ways that might help build up confidence again as a blogger once it seems like you've lost it.

7 Ways to be a more confident blogger

1. Remember why you started blogging

Every blogger has a reason why they started their blog. For me it was to share valuable life lessons I've learned throughout my life. I had a life changing experience and had a need to pass it on.

It might seem like this is a dog blog but it's actually not. My aim is to help others be happier. The humor is to make people laugh. That's its purpose.

My dogs make me laugh and happy then I translate and write how they do that. I'll then add one of these long posts in the mix that aims to help others dealing with a similar issue. Issues I've already dealt with and managed to overcome.

No, that's not how it was planned. Nothing about this blog was planned. It's just my life, what I lived, a peek into my head and my incredible love for my dogs.

Everyone has a reason why they started their blog. Bloggers are helpers. We share our talent and skills with others.

Remembering why you do what you do should help give you a confidence boost. Or at least motivate you to continue. It feels good to help others. Even if you just reach a few people.

2. Plan your blog better

Being more organised is something that will help you feel more in control and productive. If you create a monthly or weekly plan then you have your do to list ready.

Scheduling blog posts, new and old with apps like buffer will help you not forget to share. I created my own social media planner and followers tracker printable to help me remember and keep me organized.

If you want a copy of it then read this post for the link. My computer died on me again, but luckily I mailed it to myself and thought it might be useful for others to use. Don't worry, it's free and I included some other printables that I made too.

I'm typing this on my tablet. Oh I should add, get proper equipment because this is ridiculous! I'll get a new laptop soon. Hopefully.

Anyway, I have a tiny problem where my readers are not from my country. They are mostly U.S. based and when I sleep, they are active. So scheduling is a must for me. Finding the right time to schedule is important too otherwise people won't see when you share.

3. Master social media

Mastering social media is important if you want to build your following. The more you put in, the more your views will increase and the more confidence you'll gain.

My strategy to gain social media followers include like, comment, share and follow other users. I made a followers tracker (download here) to help me keep track. Even if I just spend a few minutes in the morning and evening doing that, it builds up over time.

Social media can get too much sometimes. I take regular social media breaks otherwise I'll go insane. Try to master one platform at a time, but be present on all.

I started with Gplus where I met bloggers that were like a support group. It helped alot in the beginning when I was new to social media and making connections.

It's not easy to gain alot of followers on there, but I like how I know all my Gplus followers. On other platforms it's easy to become just a number.

I setup Twitter, Pinterest, a Facebook page, Instagram and every other social platform you can think of to increase views. Plus I joined a bunch of blog groups on Facebook, Pinterest and Gplus.

Twitter will give me like 10 views if I share at the right time. Lol. It's easy to disappear on there. You have to share multiple times and be super active on twitter. Time that not alot of us have. It's still good for networking.

Facebook is good for joining blog groups that share each others posts on different social platforms. The more active you are on the groups, the more views you'll get. I've not mastered the facebook page yet.

StumbleUpon is easy to get loads of views. I thought I should let facebook group members stumble my posts because apparently StumbleUpon does not like it when you stumble your own stuff.

Well, last week I pushed my stumble button underneath one of my blog posts and bang! 200 views! I thought it was a fluke so I did it again on another post. Another 200 and something views!

I'll click stumble when my blog feels lonely. Just don't manually add your link. That does not work. It would be nice if my readers pushed the stumble button below now and again too. Thank you in advance! ♥

I'm busy mastering Pinterest and Instagram now. Well Instagram is just for all the doggie caption pics I create and not for reading the blog.

Instagrammers are super active users and love commenting and liking Buff and Fluff's pics. It's my little place to get a confidence boost when I need one.

Pinterest is my focus for blog traffic. I figured if Google won't rank me because my domain is new and because I'm bad at following their Seo rules, then Pinterest will.

It's a search engine after all plus its social media qualities makes it perfect for blogs that does not meet Google's standards.

I've been on there for 10 months and only started seeing traffic a few months ago after I got my domain and started learning how to use Pinterest properly. Pinterest hides free blogspot blogs. Luckily I found out by accident.

There are still gaps in my Pinterest knowledge though. Some steps that need climbing. This is another example of me probably knowing how to make it work because I've read and watched hundreds of how to's on it already.

I also know I'm skipping things. Seeing certain things as unimportant even though it's repeated in multiple articles. Something that seems simple can be a huge important step.

I'm definitely progressing. Pinterest is showing users my pins now and I'm getting saves and views. It's an indication I'm doing something right and it's now my main source of blog traffic.

I'm not there yet. With my new domain I'm still building authority. Let's hope by next year my blog will be worth showing to more Pinterest users. Make sure you pin my pretty image at the top. I made it for Pinterest.

Pick your social platform to master, but register for all of them to share your blog posts, other blogger's posts and anything interesting that's related to your niche. Promoting only yourself is a no-no. Views will not magically appear!

4. Create a list of posts to write about

What this will do is get your mind unstuck and give you an idea of what's next. It's also about planning ahead.

This blog is like a tangled ball of yarn or worse, thread. That's what happens if you don't plan properly. I've been busy for weeks trying to untangle it. Don't be like me!

I've only recently learned the value of planning things. It gives you a sense of control. With control there's confidence.

Read up. Google the info or if you're like me watch on YouTube if you get tired of reading. I only write one post a week because I don't have time for more. It was a blessing because if I had more I'd never finish correcting my mistakes.

I've written enough to recycle old posts and most I've updated and reshared again. I need to get my list for the next blog year ready and do proper keyword research. Untangling thread is no fun!

5. Talk it out with someone.

Sometimes when you're too much in your own head, you overthink and doubt creeps in. Letting it out by talking about it will help you gain perspective. That applies to anything you are struggling with.

Most of my family have no idea I run a blog. I probably told two of them and one was so shocked and couldn't believe I had it in me. It was understandable because I was shocked too when I realised I can actually write.

It's a talent that was hidden underneath my gloomyness that I got rid of. Surprise! Some family will have no idea what a blog is and I can't explain it in a way they'll get.

"I'm busy working online", sounds better. It's not a real job that I can go to an office and get paid for so I'm "busy playing on the internet". Not kidding! If only they knew how hard I work every day. It's fine, they make up for it in other ways.

I don't mind sharing my blog with the world. My blog will attract a certain type of reader that can relate and that will get it.

It's different when you have to share it with people that always saw you a certain way and that the type of writing is not aimed towards. Nope! It's not for family.

Anyway, I then forced my bestie to listen to me because he has no choice. I felt better and started writing this post. I thought there's a lesson I can pass on and many bloggers probably struggle with confidence in blogging at some point.

That's also why blog communities are so important. Groups of like minded creatives. There are tons of blog groups on facebook where bloggers support each other. I joined a few and sometimes go over there to see what everyone is talking about.

This one dog blogger posted about some guy that left a rude comment on how she shouldn't humanize her dog. The whole community jumped in, me too, to back her up. We all had a good laugh.

Like I said before, some people just won't get it. Luckily some will. Don't worry, you'll find your tribe.

I've been too busy with updates and other home stuff lately but I'll make time soon to check out the groups. If you feel alone on your blogging journey, go join a blog group.

Just search on facebook for blog, choose groups and request to join a few. Make sure your personal facebook profile says you're a blogger and it has links to your other social media platforms you use for blogging otherwise they'll ignore you.

6. Write about what you know

I'm in the process of starting a new blog that will spin-off from this one but be more review focused. Or should I say researching still.

I thought I had my sub-niche all figured out, but as soon as I started writing the articles, I realised how little I know about the topic.

I was copying and pasting then rewriting in my own words. I do not want to be that kind of blogger. Thinking about it now, that's why my confidence took a dive. When I went into unknown territory.

You'll hear advice that says sure you don't have to be an expert on a topic and you'll learn on your way. Sure maybe or maybe I'll just loose interest.

Writing this is easy. The words flow without effort. They are what I've lived and I'm not just rambling off or listing tons of facts. I'm writing what I know.

I could probably go learn all about the new niche blog topic but I normally have to obsess first about something before it flows effortlessly from my head to the page.

Self-help and mental health was something I obsessed over for two years and I'm confident in giving or sharing advice on personal development. You won't see me writing about some random topic I've never experienced.

It was always easy to place myself in someone else's shoes and adapt to their personality. That's why it's easy to write Buffy and Fluffy's stories. I don't doubt my writing ability on those topics.

It's easier to write about what you know than to force it out. We all have subjects we obsess about. If you lost confidence in your writing you're probably writing about something you have no experience with and just read somewhere. Probably.

7. Remember that you're unique

I don't normally compare myself to others because no one does what I do. Not that I know of atleast. Sure there are tons of dogs with blogs but I have three writing styles and three personalities on here.

With my other blog I will be aiming to rank on Google, so I'll have competitors to try and outrank. It will be very interesting to see how I'll handle that.

I'm saying that because I'm not exactly sure what I'm capable of. For a long time I let doubt rule my life and I stood still. I'm trying to push myself more. Even if it's just tiny little steps.

You'll never know your potential until you try. It's not easy, but I don't want to live a life full of regrets anymore and wasted potential. Today I might just write, tomorrow who knows what I'll do. I can't wait to find out!

I was talking to my cousin the other day and the topic came up about how we were always competing with each other. It actually helped me a lot to have a 'rival' in my life. It pushed me forward. They always say get a mentor, but getting a rival is far better. Or both.

Things changed and I guess I had no one to compete with or challenge me any more. That was one of the many reasons why I failed at my career. No motivation and my passion dried up.

I know everything happens for a reason and that was the path I had to walk to get to the place I am now. I'm not successful yet. Gosh I'm still trying to figure out what's next. But I am happier. That was my goal.

My motivation does not come from competition anymore. It's more about a need to express myself because I never knew how. My style of writing is this way for a reason. It's therapeutic. I can't change it to please others.

I do welcome some competition. It might help speed up my blogging goals. Also, competition is not about being jealous of another or copying someone else. You have your own personality and that formed from all your experiences.

I think information can be shared in different writing styles. Some love different. Some like the same. Don't be afraid to be different. Coloring outside the lines can be loads of fun.

Hope that was helpful. It definitely cleared up why I doubted myself. See, I got answers and forced you to listen to me!

I started this post with shaken confidence in my ability as a blogger or writer and ended with being hopeful.

That's the beauty of writing. You can answer your own questions and figure out solutions. A way to bypass the mind's blindspots! Interesting.

I hope that if you're doubting your ability as a blogger that you'll gain your confidence back soon. We put ourselves out there everyday and unless you blog or write, then you won't understand what goes into running a blog.

At the end of the day, it should be a fun experience. I'm still having fun. As long as I can still create, I'll be a happy blogger.

Goodluck with your blogging journey and thank you for sharing your knowledge with others! Know that you're special for doing that. ♥♥♥

Until next time,

Pic credit: Pixabay pic Renza edited.

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