How To Show Your Dog You Love Them
Those who read my previous post about becoming a dog person know I never really liked dogs until my Buffy changed the way I see dogs.

I was clueless after that. Suddenly I had this fluffy new best friend and I had no idea what to do.

He did not understand me and I did not understand him. Dogs can understand some human language, but it’s more about us showing them with actions and repeating those actions and words over and over until it clicks.

It’s pointless shouting at them. A dog’s hearing is far more superior than ours.

You actually need to show them what you want them to do and reward them with lots of praise, treats and their favorite toy.

There are many ways to show your dog love. I decided to list a few things that helped build trust with my Buffy, how I showed him I love him and how I learned to understand my dog better.

I am not a dog trainer or dog behaviorist. This is what I used for my own dog that I found helped a lot.

How to show my dog I love him

1. Give your dog affection

Yes, I know some people don’t like touching dogs. But petting your dog for a few seconds is not going to kill you.

I didn’t like it either until my human best friend suggested I try it. It felt weird at first, but after a while, I got used to it.

Petting Buff is one of my favorite things to do now. I sometimes go overboard and hug him a little too tight. I can't help it. He's very cuddly.

The best place to touch is under the chin, at the back of the head, ears and some like the belly. You know your dog best so you can see what they prefer.

2. Play with your dog

Take some time out of your busy day and play with them. Dogs go crazy for a game of fetch. You need to train your dog the "let go" trick or else you will be like me that had to find ways to get the ball from Buffy because he was a heavy resource guarder.

3. Train your furry bestie

There are hundreds of YouTube videos on how to train a dog. Kikopup on YouTube is just one example. There are others but I like how detailed her videos are.

Make sure your dog knows the basic obedience commands. Sit, down, stay, come and heel. After that you can start some fun tricks, like give paw, roll over and whatever else you feel like teaching.

Dogs are really smart and never too old to learn. I started training Buffy when he was 8 years old. It was something fun for us to do together and strengthened our bond.

If it looks like your dog is not listening to you, it could just be you need to take a step back and build up slowly.

Start from where they understood and add. Remember they learn by repetition and you need to be clear on what you want.

Keep training sessions short. Ten minutes at a time, maybe 2 times a day or else your dog and you will get frustrated. Make it fun and give lots of praise, treats and pet them too.

4. Hand feed your dog

Hand feeding goes hand in hand with when you’re training your dog or if you just want to build trust. If you’re scared to let your dog eat out of your hand, try putting the treat in front of the dog.

Repeat several times. They will soon see you as the source of nice treats and will start licking your hand. At that point try letting him eat out of your hand.

With my dog, if we are just hanging out I would give him a treat every time he makes eye contact with me when I say his name or he just needs to lie there calmly and wait a few moments for his treat.

It teaches him to be patient and also that his name is associated with good things and it strengthens our bond.

5. Learn your dog’s body language

Dogs have their own language. You can tell by how they move or behave what they are actually saying. When my dog has his tail between his legs, head down and licking lips, he is really nervous and scared.

That happens mostly when it's time for his bath or flea treatment. I’ve learned to let my dog come to me instead of me invading his space.

Dogs like their alone time too. They will just get frustrated with you if you’re always there wanting to hang out.

When my dog is in one of his moods I would just go sit where he can see me with food and eat in front of him. One, two, three and he’s there wanting me to share my food with him.

Well, I was going to share anyways. I always make extra for him.

So these are the things I've tried to build trust and love with my dog. I'm sure it will help you show your dog you love them too.

I also wrote about how my dog shows he loves me. It's a little different because dogs can't talk, but it's easy if you know what signs to look out for.

Dogs are pure love and it's so easy to love them back once you're open to receiving that kind of unconditional love.

You will need a lot of patience. Dogs move at their own pace. Match their pace and that will bring you so much closer to your furry bestie.

Until next time,

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Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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How to Tell if Your Dog Loves and Trusts You
Our furry best friends can’t talk to us, although we wish they could. I sure do. I wish my dog could let me know when something is wrong or just tell me what he’s thinking.

So how do you know if your dog loves and trusts you if they can't say the words?

Unfortunately for us humans, dogs, and humans can’t talk to each other and have conversations about how their day was.

I have one-sided conversations with my dog and he just looks at me like I’m insane.

I’m crazy about my dog. He’s the light of my life and I know he feels the same way about me too. Here's how I know.

6 Signs Your Dog Loves You

1. He always stares at me 

I joke with him sometimes and tell him he’s my little stalker. Whenever I’m busy doing something he’s always looking at me. Besides that, he also stares into my eyes.

I read somewhere that when a dog is staring into your eyes, it’s the same as giving you a hug. It also releases Oxytocin in both you and your dog.

Oxytocin is a bonding hormone. So when you and your dog are having staring contests, you are actually strengthening your bond.

2. He always tries to lick me 

The other day he was sitting next to me on the couch and he started licking my face and ears. I just started laughing uncontrollably, because he took me by surprise.

I told him not to lick my face and ears. He was not too happy about that so I let him lick my hands if he wants to lick something. He still tries to lick my ears when he gets a chance. I don't mind anymore.

3. He goes insane when I come home 

The minute I get home there’s jumping, tail wagging, and barking. Today I just left the house for a few minutes and he acted like I was gone forever.

He goes completely insane and I think he wants to see if I’ll fall over because he jumps on me with full force. That way he can get a hold of my ears.

4. He lies down at my feet 

When we are just hanging out, he normally comes and lies down close to me. He then proceeds to move closer and closer until I feel a soft fur ball at my feet.

5. He has his own special way of greeting me 

My granny told me to teach Buffy the ‘give paw’ trick. According to her, that will show him how to greet people.

I told her that he has his own way of greeting me. He normally jumps up, leans against me and waits until I rub his head.

In the beginning, I thought nothing of it, but then I noticed he only does this in the morning and only once a day. My human best friend laughed at my theory, but I know I’m right. That is how my dog greets me.

I taught him the give paw trick and now he can greet other people that way. Your dog is never too old to learn tricks. I only started teaching him tricks two months ago and for an 8-year-old he catches on quick.

6. He always tries to please me 

Sometimes we play tug with his tug toy and he can play a bit rough when he’s excited. He refuses to let go of the toy and guards it. Not all the time, but sometimes.

On this one particular day, we were playing a rough game of tug and fetch. I went inside the house for a moment and I forgot to tell him I’ll be right back.

I always tell him if I go somewhere that I’ll be right back so that he knows play time is not over yet.

Buffy and ropey
Buffy and Ropey

When I came out he was waiting for me with ropey in his mouth and when I tried to take the toy he just gave it to me without trying to pull on it or guard it.

This continued until play time was over. He dropped the toy at my feet the rest of the play session.

He must have thought I went inside the house because I was upset that he did not give me the toy and he adjusted his own rules to make me happy by giving me the toy.

I know, I know…I have an awesome dog.

There’s a lot of other ways your dog can show you love, but this is just my list. Watch out for similar behaviors.

There will be times when your dog is in a mood. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes they also want their alone time. Just make sure you show them you love them and that you'll always be there.

Check up on them to make sure they are okay. Give your dog a treat to make sure they are eating. They will eventually come and hang out with their human.

Buffy hides from me whenever it’s grooming time then afterward I get the silent treatment. No licking, he takes his tug toy to his kennel if I throw it and he avoids eye contact.

We are still working on his grooming issues. Luckily he can’t stay mad at me for long.

Until next time,

Pic credit: Buffy pic and Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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Dog Greeting Behavior - Buffy Greeting Visitors Properly
Woof! Woof! Hello you guys! Polite dog greeting behavior is important if you want to make a good impression. 

My track record for welcoming guests into our home has not been good. Not good at all!

Look! I'm not a people's doggie. Unless it's mommy and a few other humans.

Fluffy, on the other hand, loves humans. She's way too soft. Making friends left and right.

Unfortunately, I had to adjust my behavior and learn proper greeting skills. Mommy does not like the way I do things and my main job is to make her happy.

Here are a few things I've learned about greeting intruders. I mean visitors! 

Buffy Greeting Visitors "Properly"

1. Making sure mommy knows visitors arrived

Alerting Renza is the first thing to do when I hear someone at the gate. I have a special bark for visitors that Fluffy copied. 

It's a mix between a bark and a howl. She tells everyone I taught her the bark but she actually stole it, you guys. I know yes. Very creepy!

It's important to have different barking sounds or else your human will be clueless when you try to alert them. 

When someone knocks at the gate, we bark and mommy comes out to see who it is.

She'll sigh a bit because uninvited guests are the worst. Call before you come people! How hard is that?

2. The welcoming party and sniffing

Next, we need to make sure the visitors are welcomed properly. This is where things get a little awkward.

Buffy and Fluffy dogs greeting visitors.
Preparing the welcoming party

I need to make sure they smell 'right' first by sniffing them. Fluffy starts jumping on them while I smell. 

If they smell 'wrong' then I use my intruder alert bark on them. It's a little louder than my other barks. 

I practiced it a lot on Snowy when he used to live here. What?! He tried to take over. Mommy still thinks her Snow-snow is innocent. 

Snowy the backstabber has one bark for everything. Yep! Totally useless. But we used him as an amplifier when competing in barking competitions. Not completely useless. He's doing fine btw. Anyway, enough about him.

Next, Fluffy dances at their feet and I'll let them know they're unwelcome. Yes, I know, I know the visitors are getting mixed signals from us but it's not my fault that Fluffy can't smell wrong humans!

If they smell 'right', don't talk and make no eye contact then I'll let them pass. 

3. Long coats trigger

Look! I'm not going to lie to you. People with long coats freak me out. They are super shady and I'm sure they're hiding stuff. Not good stuff!

Mommy says I'm being paranoid but I'm just protecting the pack. I do some coat pulling and there's some screaming. Hey! At least I don't bite. I'm harmless you guys!

4. Don't bite

Biting is not my thing. Well unless it's in self-defense. One thing I do know is that biting for no reason is wrong.

People can be super annoying but biting should be the last resort. Maybe a little growling is fine. Just a little.

I growl or yawn if my personal space is invaded. Respect my boundaries and we won't have a problem.

I invade your space, not the other way around. 

5. Hang out around visitors

This is very important, you guys. I always make sure I'm in close proximity to the visitors. They normally get yummy treats so I stare at them until something falls on the floor or they share with us.

Fluffy welcoming guests
Fluffy the Stalker

Oh and continuing to guard the human while staring straight into a guest's mouth is a multitasking skill I'm really good at.

Fluffy gets a bit creepy and stalks the visitors. There's a fine line between stalker, shadow and just hanging out. 

Fluff does not care about boundaries. She follows me everywhere and copies whatever I do. Like that crazy white female movie. It's not funny you guys! Help me!

6. To jump or not to jump

This is a sensitive topic. A lot of people don't like it when dogs jump on them. But mommy loves it!

Well, I'm not sure how she feels about strange dogs jumping on her. I guess this is the main problem. If a dog you don't know runs to greet you, it's normal to get a little freaked out.

If mommy does not want us to jump on her she'll just turn her back. Very rude yes. Fluffy will then hug her ankles tight and try to trip her. Not kidding!

Don't worry! Fluff's cuteness makes up for her evilness. I'm not making this up. It's a universal law or something. Cute cancels out evil.

Dogs are crazy. I'm crazy! Just calm down. Sure you'll get some dog hair on your clothes, you'll get invasively sniffed and you might smell  'wrong'. 

Smelling wrong could just be your fear giving off a stench or maybe you have another dog's scent on you. Like our neighbor that smells like his dog who bit me. 

I try my best to make sure he knows I was wronged. Mommy thinks it's funny that he's scared of a cuddly fluffy dog. 

Buffy cuddly guard dog.

Luckily they are moving in a few days. Good riddance! The pack will celebrate once they're gone. 

Dogs feed off a human's energy. Renza had to become crazier in order to match Fluff and my energy. Well, she was always nuts but hid that side of her. We showed her it's ok to be a little weird. 

It immediately made her our favorite human. Plus she's our food source. If Fluff gets too crazy then mommy uses a calm voice, head scratches or tummy rubs to calm her down. 

That's it, you guys. I've gotten much better at greeting visitors since Fluffy arrived. They seem less scared now. Just don't wear coats or stink then I'll welcome you with open paws.

Time to go now.  I just heard a car pull up. This next part might get unnecessarily loud but if they didn't want to be greeted by us then they should've stayed home.

Woof! Argooooooof!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger, Alpha dog, part-time chef
Future plans: Be the cuddliest dog in the whole wide world
Likes: Playing, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Pics of Buffy and Fluffy taken by Renza. Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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