The Horrors of Dog Wash Day - 9 Tips to Get You Through It
Woof! Hello guys! Today's topic is very serious. All over the world dogs have to endure the dreaded wash day.

I get chills just thinking about it. The humans love it when we’re clean so they can cuddle and pet us.

We are the closest thing to a living stuffed animal, so cuddles and cleanliness are expected. Our natural scent is then replaced by those awful smelling shampoos or whatever they use to wash us with.

Mommy Renza is sneaky. She says nothing then pretends that she wants to play with me.
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The Evil Dog Groomer - Renza Scissorhands Strikes Again!
Woof! Woof! Hello, you guys! As you all may know, summer is almost upon us. Well at least on our side of the planet.

During winter I normally get my winter coat and unfortunately my hair gets a bit out of control. Just a bit. Fine! A lot!

It's really bad! That means soon I will be the next victim of the evil dog groomer known as Renza Scissorhands!
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7 Survival Tips When Your Human Is Cuckoo
Woof! Hello you guys! So mommy Renza finally caved thanks to all the humans that liked my last post Writer's block, about the topics I wanted to write about.

Thank you guys for convincing her. Woof!

It’s hard being a pet in today’s world. Mostly because it's run by humans or at least they think they run the world.

To survive you need some special skills, especially those pets that have a crazy human.

I’m so sorry you guys, I feel your annoyance for them. I love my Renza, but sometimes...Grrr!!
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9 Dog Approved Simple and Delicious Meals to Make - Chef Buffy Woof! Woof! Hello you guys! I was thinking of doing something nice for mommy Renza to spoil her a bit.

She always cooks nice food for us and I thought I should make her a few simple and delicious meals to show her my appreciation.

These are all dog approved, of course, meaning us doggies love them and I'm sure mommy will too.

I came up with a few ideas. Let me know what you think guys.
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7 Ways Dogs Can Help Their Stressed-out Human
Woof! Hello guys! I'm back! It seems like I'm not writing that much anymore. Oh, it's because Fluffy took over my other spot.

She's taking over everything! Grrr!!'s topic is about vein popping humans. Sorry, I mean stressed-out humans and how dogs can help them.

Unfortunately, stress is very common. My Renza suffered from stress and it made her very ill. Stress is normally caused by things that overwhelm the human.
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