How To Head Tilt Like a Pro
Woof! Hello, you guys! There are so many things that make us doggies look cute, but there's one specific skill that has the ability to break the humans.

They literary turn into mush right in front of your eyes. That skill is a simple head tilt. Not kidding!

I'll admit for some reason I've not mastered this skill. I have my fluff as an asset. The mind control is working less now that mommy Renza is aware of it.
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How My Dog Taught Me To Never Give Up
Those who follow my blog should all know my sweet Buffy or Buff-buff as I like to call him.

He's also my doeboe, my sweetie-pie, and some other names lol. Today I wanted to share the story of how he taught me to never give up.
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Mind Control - A Skill All Dogs Should Know
Woof! Hello humans! As you all may know by now, doggies have multiple skills.

From being guard dogs to making their humans have one-sided conversations with them. Or are they really one-sided?

Dog mind control secret revealed

Have you ever wondered why humans talk to their dogs?
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Fight Like Cat and Dog
Woof! Hello guys! Us doggies have a type of love-hate relationship with the cats. They have completely different personalities than us.

They are catty and we are uhm...not catty. There's a reason why people always say fight like cat and dog.

Cat and Dog feud

I'm not sure where it all started. They are our main competition when it comes to being the ideal pet.
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How to be a dog and get away with it
Ruff! Ruff! Hello, my fluffy pack! A while ago, Buff wrote a post called how to get away with anything. Think of how to be a dog and get away with it, as the sequel.

Dogs are not the typical animal. Unlike other animals, we consist of magic. Yep! You heard me right.

Because of our magical abilities, there are things that we can do that might seem wrong, but it's really not. As always I've made a list of these so-called wrong right things.
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