Dog Table Manners - How to Eat Properly Ruff! Hello, my fluffy pack! As your future queen, I've had to learn how to eat properly. Dog table manners go hand in hand with queendom.

I can tell you now already that Buffy did not teach me eating skills. He eats like an animal! You'd think since domestication that our species would have been more civilized by now, but nope.

Snowy also eats like Buffy so I'm assuming it's an epidemic. Humans aren't too worried about eating properly either. Food falling on the floor is proof of this.
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17+ Funny and Cute Dog Mom Shirts.
Not everyone will understand the dog mom trend, but here at Life and Dog Stuff we get it.

To a dog mom, furbabies are super cute and adorable. We love and take care of them like they are our babies. 

In return we have a loyal companion and best friend that's always by our side offering licks, cuddles and unconditional love. This makes us the happiest humans around.
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Barking 101 - How to Have Successful Barkoffs at Night.
Ruff! Ruff! Hello, my fluffy pack! Recently I shared my revenge plan to get mommy back for betraying me. In there I talked about how I arranged barkoffs at night in order to turn mommy into a zombie.

For those who don't know, barkoffs are barking competitions where doggies in the neighborhood compete to see who has the best bark. I thought I'd share some tips for those doggies interested.

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Cute Valentine's Day Dog Clothing and Toys.Ruff! Hello my fluffy pack! Today, I went ahead and looked for some Cute Valentine's Day Dog Clothing and Toys.

Not that I'm into all that pink and red stuff, but us pets are obligated to look cute all the time to pose for pics.

Mommy always says her heart belongs to me and Buff. In fact, it has grown twice the size to accommodate both of us.
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20+ Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Men 2020.
It's almost that time of the year again. Red everywhere you look, pretty hearts, cute little romantic love notes being shared and of course, the gifts.

If you are stuck looking for a gift for that special guy in your life, I made a Valentine's day gift ideas for men post to help you decide. Enjoy!
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