5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair.
Ruff! Hello, my fluffy pack! The other day while reviewing the best car booster seats for dogs, we saw some car seat covers that will help keep your car seats clean and also keep your doggies secure in the backseat.

Besides the fact that I've drooled all over mommy's car already, I also left a considerable amount of my fluff there. It's not a big deal but Renza is lazy and I need to help make cleanup easier and a seat cover should help.
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Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mom
Today I'm sharing the Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mom.

Without our moms, we wouldn't be here. Literally! I was blessed to have two moms growing up. My grandma who raised me and my mom. 

Granny passed away last year. She lived a long beautiful life and I was lucky that she was such a big part of my life.

That's why it's so important to appreciate the ones that brought us into this world and those who took care of us while they are still here.

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15 Best Dog Mom Gift Ideas
Woof! Hello you guys! If you are rolling your eyes at the title of this blog post, I'll see you on my next post. Grrr!

Stick around if you have a dog mom in your life and want to show her how special she is.

When I was 8 years old, I had a very bad accident. I was attacked by three big dogs and almost didn't make it.
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10 Healthy Living Tips to Feel Better
Today I'm sharing 10 healthy living tips to feel better.

Living a healthy life can seem like a lot of work. You have to watch what you eat, exercise, manage your stress levels and loads of other stuff.

It's not easy. Especially if you live a busy hectic life. Where's the time anyway?

I also thought I don't have time for this. Then I got really sick and was forced to look at why.
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8 Best Dog Car Booster Seats Review
Ruff! Hello, my fluffy pack! Today we're looking at the Best Dog Car Booster Seat for your dog. Why? Well, when it comes to driving in the car with mommy, it can turn into a mini nightmare.

Where is she taking us? Is it another dreadful Dr. Needleman visit or actually someplace nice. No one knows!

Buff likes to stand against the window and make crying noises so that the other people driving by can see him. Mommy calls him a drama queen.
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