Super Cute Dog Shirts and Sweaters.
Ruff! Hello, my fluffies! Humans wear clothes and in recent years there's been a trend in doggie clothing.

I'm not really sure who came up with it, but dogs are people too so I guess it's normal that they wear clothes. 

Mommy put a sweater on me once. Once! I ate through it. She won't make that mistake again. Grrr!
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50 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers.
Woof! Hello you guys! It's been a while since I've written anything. Mommy has been busy with so many other stuff and it was winter which means she was in hibernation mode.

Luckily summer is almost here. Well at least on our side of the planet.
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Best Dog Beds 2018 Review and Buyer's guide
Woof! Hello you guys! After Fluffy destroyed our beds, we've been busy looking for some nice new dog beds.

Mommy says I was an accomplice and I have to workies to get a new bed.

I was tasked with doing the best dog beds review and buyer's guide for 2018.

This review thing is super long and I really wish I was sleeping right now.

Not sure why Fluffy can't do this because she's the main culprit. I'm just an innocent bystander! Anyway, lets jump right in. Yawn!
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Best Brush for Heavy Shedding Dog - Fluffy's reviewsRuff! Ruff! Hello, my fluffy pack. Today I'll be doing a review on the best brush for a heavy shedding dog.

As you all may know by now, I'm very fluffy. Just like my name says and I shed a lot. I leave a trail of hair wherever I go.

My hair is all over mommy's clothes, it's on the couches, my bed and Buffy says he eats at least a few every day. Must be his own hair! Grrr!

Apparently Buffy does not shed, but that's just because he can't be blamed for anything. I'm always on the couch so it's easy to point fingers at me.
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