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Welcome to our Blog! My name is Lorenza and I'm the main author and owner of the Life and Dog Stuff blog.

I have two super cute co-authors named Buffy and Fluffy and together we try our best to bring a smile to everyone's face that visits our blog.

This blog started with the idea to share my personal life experiences and stories about my dog, Buffy. Last year Fluffy the puppy joined our pack and the blog.

My Buffy`s many moods
My sweet Buffy`s many moods
Buffy is a 9-year-old Maltipoo male and Fluffy a one-year-old female. Buff practically helped me raise Fluffy.

Teaching her everything about being a dog. He looks out for her and protects her like a big brother should.

My sweet Fluffy growing up!
My sweet Fluffy growing up!
These pages are full of their stories and how they helped each other grow. Buffy loves sharing tips with other dogs on how to be a better dog. He has loads of experience already.

Fluffy aka Queen Fluffy writes about growing up from puppy to adult and plotting world domination in the process.

Buffy and Fluffy
Feeling guilty is for the weak!
Then there's me. I write about personal growth. I've managed to overcome depression and decided to share how I did it.

It's been an interesting, life-changing journey so far. I've poured my heart into this blog and I'm hoping to touch a few lives.

My dogs mean everything to me. I feel blessed to share our stories with the world.

Our stories can get a little crazy, a little weird and maybe a bit mushy. Hopefully, you'll stick around and read a few.

Thanks for stopping by,

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