Got Spayed and Betrayed - Fluffy's Visit to the Vet.

Ruff! Hello my fluffy pack! I'm writing this with a very sore heart. My Renza human betrayed me! She just left me at the self-cloning needleman's lab and allowed them to perform experiments on me. Who does that?! I got spayed and betrayed! My previous visit to the vet was nothing compared to last week's torture.

The day before, I refused to play with Buffy and spoke to no one. I felt something wasn't right. Mommy kept telling me to play with Buffy. I thought why? I'll play tomorrow! But now I know why.

I wasn't sure what my fate was when she loaded me into the car. I was calm all the way there. Even when she drove over the potholes! Who gave her a license anyway? Worst...driver...ever!!

Fluffys look of betrayal before spay surgery.

When we got there, a tiny dog started growling at me! The nerve! I growled back because I'm no pushover!

The tiny dog proceeded to growl at the bigger dogs. I'm not sure what her problem was. The other dogs all looked a bit worried and some were very sick.

When we got inside, we heard a cat screaming. Dr. Needleman was probably performing experiments on the cat. I'd rather not know what or why for my own sanity.

When it was our turn, they gave me a shot to mellow me out and the doctor picked me up while mommy and granny said bye to me.

After that, everything is a blank.

I just heard annoying yapping in my ears when I woke up. It was the little growler in a cage next to mine making sure everyone knows how she was wronged. Drama queen! She's lucky a cage separated us. Grrr!

I just sat there quietly. Mommy put my leash on and asked for my head gear. The office lady that's a bit mean asked if it's necessary and mommy told her that I can't be trusted. Geez!

Needleman appeared out of nowhere again and was told by the mean lady to get me a 'cone'. Then Renza human said something that made my skin crawl. She said, "He's kinda cute".

Omgawd! He clones himself! That's a big no no. They all wear the same outfit to confuse us. Not to mention the fact that he drugged me and now I feel like I'm missing something inside. The betrayal from that woman is endless.

Another clone appeared out of nowhere and helped put me in what I can only assume is a device to allow them to listen in on their experiment subjects.

Fluffy in cone after spay surgery.

They tried three different ones until the reception was perfect. I tried to take it off but it was not possible. My leg had a hole in it and there was a hole in my tummy too.

I think they removed some of my organs, but I'm still here. Mommy explained that it was to prevent me from cloning myself.

Durr! I was planning to make fluffy clones in the fluffy lab on fluffy island. Not naturally. The betrayal is endless! It's all that Snowy's fault. If only he didn't act like a stalker maniac then I'd still be in one piece.

invasion of the Fluffy clones.

On the bright side, apparently I'll be healthier this way and it will prevent me from getting female organ cancers and infections. Plus the Snowys of the world will not go crazy anymore. That means male dogs that's not fixed.

Dodged a bullet, I guess. Just wish there was some other less painful way to do it, but I guess the humans are primitive and have not figured it out yet. Typical!

I love mommy and she's taking good care of me. I know she just did what was best. I even slept in her room and Buffy wasn't invited.

I guess Dr. Needleman is not so bad either. He has figured out how to successfully clone himself and I could use him on my team fluffy.

I'll spare him and make him one of my loyal followers. Mommy can make big eyes at him. She has enormous eyes! He'll either follow me or hide from her gigantic eyes. On second thought, I'll recruit him myself just to be safe.

We went back to visit them yesterday because I removed my own stitches. They were very tight! Buffy helped remove my satellite dish, but mommy caught us and I couldn't finish the job. Later that night I played doctor and removed them!

There were screams and lots of weird sounding words coming from Renza's mouth. Steam coming from her ears made her look like a kettle. I think she's suffering from amnesia and forgot who's she's dealing with.

Anyway, there was no harm done because the experiment hole was closed already and Needleman gave me a shot because it was a bit red from the stitches. Good thing I removed them! Keep quiet Renza! You're yelling means nothing!

It's mommy Renza and my birthday today. Yep! We share a birthday. She was too lazy to make a separate post and says the Fuffy is no longer puppy post was for my birthday. Happy birthday to us! Sorry for making you a kettle mommy. Licks!

Fluffy growing up month one to eleven.

Happy first birthday Fluffy.

Anyway, time to go now. I need to rest a bit. Hopefully I can start playing with Buffy again soon. I was really mean to him. Sorry Buff. I wasn't feeling well from all the drugs they pumped in me. Licks!

Ruff!! Ruff!!

Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy work, part-time blogger, world leader in training.
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting hands, destroying everything in sight, playing, stalking, digging, cuddles and tummy rubs.
Dislikes: Baths, self-cloning Needleman and not getting my way.

Pic credit: Fluffy(me) posing for pics Renza took and edited.

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The Evil Dog Groomer - Renza Scissorhands Strikes Again!

Woof! Woof! Hello, you guys! As you all may know, summer is almost upon us. Well atleast on our side of the planet. During winter I normally get my winter coat and unfortunately my hair gets a bit out of control. Just a bit. Fine! A lot! It's really bad! That means soon I will be the next victim of the evil dog groomer known as Renza Scissorhands!

The other day I saw how she attacked Snowy. Now he has a really weird haircut. I can only describe it as a reverse mohawk. His back hair is shorter than the rest!

He's not even her doggie and she gives him freaky haircuts without permission. He just sat there! Why? I don't know. He has his own professional dog groomer at home so he's used to the torture. Mommy called him a 'good boy'. He's a good actor. I'm impressed!

Snowy betrayed me by going home the other day. Now I have no one to yell at. We had something special. I yell, he looks scared. It was...magical. Damn you Snowy!

Fluffy was victim nr.2. You can just give that one something to eat then do whatever to her. I saw she eventually got some sense and hid under the chair.

That means she also has a weird haircut now. Plus now she knows, scissors equals hiding under car or chair. I taught her well.

Fluff is refusing to play with me after she came back from the Vet. I even did my Buffy dance, offered to chase her instead of she chasing me and was willing to get my hair pulled, but it was a no go.

Fluffy after spay vet visit.
Fluffy version -0

Guess Dr. Needleman swopped her for a less fun version. I call it Fluffy version -0. This version comes with her own satellite dish! I think it's to prevent her from removing her batteries.

Fluff asked me to help her take the head gear off but after pulling for a while, I concluded that it was probably glued to her head. Plus mommy caught me and there was some screaming. Hopefully we'll get the real Fluffy back soon. Anyway...

Renza scissorhands is vicious! Mommy disappears when she comes out. One of her many personalities!

I'm nr. 3 on her hit list. I'm really scared, you guys. Help me!

I wanted to show you last year's hair attack aftermath, but it's really embarrassing. She cuts her own hair too and other human victims have suffered from strings of endless bad hair days. They still get nightmares!

Fine! I'll show you only one before and after. Don't worry! I think I nipped her tiny hands a few times while she shaped me into...the after.

Unfortunately she knows when I'm bluffing and took her hand and held it in my mouth to prove a point. I yawned to show I surrender. I gave her 'the stare' for a few days to prove my point!

Buffy before and after dog grooming.

No amount of hair products can undo the mess once you've been attacked by scissorhands. Get ready to stay inside your house and become unsociable.

No, she does not like going to dog groomers and hairdressers. She believes she must do it herself. I'm promised everyday how pretty I'm gonna look once it's over. I'm a boy! I love looking ruff!

She can go make Snowy the backstabber look pretty. He's a parlour dog and poor Fluff and I will forever have bad hair days. Forever!

Buffy and his mop hair in winter.
Me and my mop hair in winter a few months ago

Anyway, I have no doggie advice for you guys today. I'm too busy hiding. Luckily Fluffy v. -0 is keeping her distracted. I was caught a few times and I'm 'half done' that's why you'll see old pics of me on new posts.

I have a side reverse mohawk because I curled up in a ball on my side to protect myself. Maybe you guys can give me some advice this time. It's only fair!

Woof!! Woooooof!!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger, Alpha dog, part-time chef
Future plans: Be the most cuddliest dog in the whole wide world
Likes: Playing, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Pics of Buffy and Fluffy taken by Renza.

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Fluffy is No Longer a Puppy - Fluffy growing up

Ruff! Ruff! Hello, my fluffy pack. Changes are happening all around us lately. Besides the season changes, I've finally reached adulthood, although I'm not really sure what that means. Yep! I am no longer a puppy.

Change is hard! As puppies we grow up super fast. One day we're tiny and defenceless, then we destroy everything you own while crawling deep inside your heart. In a blink of an eye we're all grown up.

Mommy says I'm a young lady now. Snowy wants to be my boyfriend but he's very old and it's kinda gross.

I guess my 5 step plan to recruit Snowy worked. Too well! Unfortunately I have a stalker now. I forgot about the thin line between loyal follower and stalker. Very thin line!

Mommy had to play prison guard and Snowy escaped once already. He's a persistent little stalker. Buffy warned mommy when the prisoner got loose and he was placed behind the separation gates again.

Security was doubled afterwards. Luckily he does not have my professional escape artist skills. He paid everyone back by barking all night long. For a week! No! I did not teach him that. I sleep through the night like Buffy taught me.

I'm only turning one in November and that's normally when puppydom is over but I'm displaying signs of adulthood already. It's so confusing, I know.

Luckily my mixed breed, the maltipoos look and act like puppies forever. I think the human should just keep quiet and let me be a forever puppy. There's way too much puppy work still left to do.

We've been offline for a while because mommy broke all her computer stuff again so we couldn't write proper blog posts. Computers hate her ever since she decided to not work with them anymore.

Don't ask me if that's a real thing, but it's the only explanation I can think of if a computer and two tablets break simultaneously two times in one year.

Enough about mommy's curse. She brought it upon herself. This post is just an update to let my fluffy pack know I've not abandoned them and updating everyone on what's been happening.

Next week I'm going to the self-cloning Needleman to get spayed. I'm not really sure what that means but anything related to the Needleman is probably bad.

Geez! I growled only once and now they want to send me back there. I tried to attack Buffy because he wanted to eat my food and mommy had to hold me back. I said sorry, I think. He's very bossy!

We're best buddies again. Luckily Buff doesn't hold grudges. I could have taken him for the record. I'm super strong. The human loves interfering in my business.

We might be offline for a bit more because mommy wants to focus on my recovery after I come back from my little trip. Seriously, what are they gonna do to me?!

She says the blog can get all consuming sometimes and overwhelming. Things breaking is normally a sign it's time to take a blog break and focus on what's important. That's the pack. We always come first.

My world domination plan will be on hold until my return. We'll be back soon, minus Snowy. It's confirmed that his mommy will be fetching him next week.

Snowy smelling flowers
Snowy watering and smelling flowers at the same time!

For a while we thought his stay with us might be permanent, but it's not. We're all sad that he's going home but I can see he misses his family a lot. Buffy is happy, but I know he will miss not having someone to yell at.

Mommy is sad that her Snowy will be leaving her. Oh I saw how she gave him special treatment! She's also freaking out because she's sending me to Dr. Needleman.

Typical weak human! This is exactly the reason why you all need a strong leader like me. Don't worry! I'll cure you of your weakness disease.

Fine! I'll admit it! Snowy and I hold paws and have dates by the separation gates. We can't be together because mommy says I'm not allowed to clone myself.

They say I look like Snowy in the pics. Clone? I'm twice his size! Plus I have more teeth. I will miss Snowy. Don't tell anyone I have a bit of weakness inside me too. I blame that Renza!

Bye bye Snowy. Come visit us soon! ♥♥♥

So many changes yes. It's no fun. No fun at all!

Time to go now my fluffy pack. Wish me luck! Renza human will pay dearly for this of course. I'm busy formulating a plan to get her back. Letting Dr. Stabby spay me is super evil of her. I'll admit, I'm impressed by her evilness but payback will be mercyless!

Ruff! Ruff!

Fluffy the puppy growing up.

Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy work, part-time blogger, world leader in training.
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting hands, destroying everything in sight, playing, stalking, digging, cuddles and tummy rubs.
Dislikes: Baths, self-cloning Needleman and not getting my way.

Pic credit: Fluffy(me) and Snowy posing for pics Renza took and edited. Buffy slept.

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How to Get a Loyal Follower -  Fluffy's 5 step Plan to Recruit Snowy.

Ruff! Ruff! Hello my fluffy pack! So far my world domination plan is on track. Mommy and the rest of the pack are working hard at growing our following and soon I will rule over all the sheep. It's not easy to get a loyal follower but luckily the pack has me and my special skills.

I've noticed something weird though. Snowy does not fall for my basic 'win them over' tricks. What is there not to love about me?

I'm a good listener, I'm working hard on not being so evil and I'm fluffier than fluff. That's besides the fact that I'm cuter than cute. I'm also super sweet but don't tell anyone. Leaders can't afford to be sweet!

What can I do to make Snowy one of my loyal followers? He listens to mommy, but when it comes to me he acts all weird. I try to play with him, I even do my special fluffy dance, but nope. Nothing!

Snowy refusing to follow me

Do you have any idea how much effort goes into the fluffy dance?!

I have to literally bow down, something a Queen should never ever do. Then shake my boot like there's no tomorrow.

Yes, there's some invasive sniffing involved and in your face staring, but that's just me trying to connect.

I thought of a few ways to recruit Snowy. Soon he will be one of my loyal sheep too!

Fluffy's 5 Step Plan to Recruit Snowy

1. Bring him some yummy treats

Technically mommy is the treat keeper, but I know where she stashes the good stuff. She limits the amount we get daily and poor Snowy has not mastered the art of 'get more than your share'.

Luckily I have! I just start chewing some furniture and here comes a yummy treat on a silver platter. Predictable human!

2. Teach him basic manipulation skills

My fluffy sheep should all know by now that I'm a master manipulator. I can basically get away with anything. I thought I could pass on some knowledge about my manipulation skills to Snowy.

Not everything! Just the basics. I can't share all my tricks. I'm sure he'll be grateful and bow down chanting my name once he sees how he can do whatever he wants.

3. Be the one he shares his darkest secrets with

I have an impressive list of skills on my doggie resume but sharing and bragging about them to Snowy might not get him to trust me. I was thinking if I share my darkest secrets with him maybe, just maybe he'll trust me enough to share his secrets too.

Fluffy and Snowy talking.
Sharing secrets
I could tell him about that one time I murdered that bee. I swallowed it and spit it out without the bee having time to react. Or that I aim for mommy's wrist when we wrestle and 'play bite' her a little there. I know that's where the blood pumps.

I'm not trying to hurt mommy like I hurt the bee, I'm just letting her know what I'm capable of if she continues her lame attempts to manipulate me with yummy food. What?!! Too dark!

4. Mend relationship between Buffy and Snowy

It's no secret that Buffy and Snowy are mortal enemies. Buffy thinks he wants to take his place and yells at him every day for stepping out of line. Luckily they have me.

I just need to convince Buff that Snow is not a threat. How? Don't ask me. I'm not a miracle worker! I'll just tell Snowy it can be done and won't use the words "I promise".

Buffy and Fluffy talking.
Mending relationships

5. Ignore him

After the first four steps all I need to do is ignore him. He'll come looking for me to teach him more skills and he'll be addicted to my attention by then. Plan completed! Mission Recruit Snowy accomplished!

After that he can join Buff and I for some much-needed renovations. Can you believe that Snowy's bed and blanket is still in one piece? What kind of dog is he? Seriously!

On our first mission together we will give his bed and blanket a proper tearing a part party. It will be magnificent!! I've been waiting a long time to rip through it with my sharp teeth.

Time to go work on step one. I see mommy left her room. I'll go get the treat stash!

Ruff! Ruff!

Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy work, part-time blogger, world leader in training.
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting hands, destroying everything in sight, playing, stalking, digging, cuddles and tummy rubs.
Dislikes: Baths, self-cloning Needleman and not getting my way.

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Pic credit: Fluffy(me), Buffy and Snowy posing for pics Renza took and edited. Mommy made Fluffy clones gathering in main pic. Amazon store pet goodies pic edited by her too.

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