Things To Consider Before Shaving Your Dog

Things To Consider Before Shaving Your Dog.
Woof!! Hello you guys. I’m back! Mommy Renza asked me to write this blog post about doggy hair.

She reckons because I have a lot of hair, that automatically makes me a dog hair expert. Yes! Her words, not mine.

The other day when she was busy cutting my hair, she wondered if I needed to be shaved rather, but there are a few things to consider before shaving your dog's hair.

Should you shave your dog’s hair or not?

A dog's coat is like the insulation of a house. Insulation keeps the house from getting too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Doggy hair is exactly the same.

It helps us to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. That’s why I hated when Renza cut my hair.

Spring just started and I still had my winter coat. Luckily she didn’t cut off too much. I stopped her. Woof! Grrr!

Our coats protect us from sunburn and skin cancer. Dogs with thin coats and dogs like me with white or light colored coats are vulnerable to sun damage.

Trimming our hair in summer is fine. For example, a puppy cut is best for dogs with long hair like mine. At least an inch of hair should be left.

Dogs shed their winter coats naturally for summer so our hair is less heavy. Some of us prefer long hair and some prefer short. If we get mad at our humans or cutting our hair, there's normally a good reason why.

We are not built like humans. Our bodies regulate temperatures differently than a human body. Get us a nice cooling mat rather if you think we look too hot with all our hair.

Mommy says I have a lot of mats (hair that clumps together) and she has to cut them off. It hurts too much to brush out the mats, so cutting them is better. No one likes tangled hair and I have a lot of hair, you guys. A lot!

Brushing and keeping my coat clean helps a lot with the air circulation around my skin. It keeps me cool also and prevents skin infections.

I don’t like bathing and brushing, but I sit still when Renza does it. She just takes way too long.

You can take your dogs to a groomer or Vet and ask them what is best for their type of coat. They will probably know more than I do and definitely more than mommy Renza. I’m still upset that she cut my hair.

Luckily my hair grows fast. She’s talking about taking me to a dog groomer soon and I’ll try my best to behave.

They must just be quick about it because I get very impatient and someone will get teeth marks on their hands. Grrr!!

That’s all, you guys. I hoped this helped you decide if you're going to shave your dog's hair. Goodluck!!

Woof!! Woof!! 

Author: Buffy
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Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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