Out With The Old, In With The New

I thought today I'll reshare an old new year's post I wrote two years ago. It's one of my favorites.

Time flies! So much has changed but the message stays the same. Enjoy!

Out With The Old, In With The New

This year is almost over. I noticed around the web that people really hated this year and it will go down in history as the worst year ever.

Was it really all that bad?

Everything in this life has a balance. Yin Yang. There can't just be bad all the time, there has to be good too.

Looking back...

This was the year I finally started my blog after waiting two years.

I got more comfortable driving my car that I waited 9 years to get because I was too scared to get my license.

I finally stepped on an airplane for the very first time. My ears still hurt sometimes, but I know now what it's like to fly above the clouds.

I now have another dog after waiting more than a year. It had to be another Buffy type dog. So I waited and waited. I was surprised when I finally got her because I thought I had to wait until next year.

This year Buffy and I started to communicate better because I learned all about dogs and how to train them.

I'm a naturally nervous person and scared of a lot of things. I suffered from anxiety most of my life. So most things I listed were big milestones for me.

Remembering happy moments and frustrations

Yes, it has been frustrating at times to raise a new dog, but there were happy moments in between. Like the first time, my puppy ate normal dog food after not wanting to eat or drink anything.

The first time I realized my two dogs actually like each other after it seemed that Fluffy was just annoying Buffy.

The first time she fell asleep on my lap and also realizing that I have a very smart new dog.

I also discovered I have some anger issues that I need to deal with asap lol. I didn't know I could scream that loud.

It's also frustrating that there are different opinions about how to raise a dog in my house. Other than that I love that my dogs always want to be around me.

They come when I call. They listen for the most part. My bestie pointed out that I'm a pack leader now. I like the sound of that.

Never forget the happy moments

I never want to forget the happy moments. Those are the ones we look back on that make us laugh and smile.

What happy moments do you remember from this year? Your achievements. The things that made you laugh and smile. However big or small they are don't let the bad overshadow the good.

New years resolutions

Most people already made their new years resolutions by now. We all know by middle January when life gets in the way those resolutions will be a distant memory.

I decided not to make any resolutions. What's the point? I've always been a, whatever happens, happens type of person. If you ever stuck to a new year's resolution, good for you.

Changing habits is a process. It takes time. Like a set of steps that you have to climb. A new year shouldn't be a reason to rush to the top.

Start with something small and achievable. Maybe, just maybe it will snowball and before you know it you've reached your goal.

new years quote neil gaiman.

Try new things

The main thing is to just start. Or try. People change, goals change. Last year this time I never would have imagined writing a blog or interacting on social media. That was not me.

I hate attention and I never wanted everyone to know what's going on in my head. But there was something inside me that wanted to share my stories. A part of me that thought someone might benefit from them.

I'm not even sure if anyone has. I was brave enough to try. All we can do is try. It's better than doing nothing. So I tried something and I loved it.

There's a lot of things to try doing in this life. Maybe make a list of things you want to try. Even if it's only once. If you don't like it, move on to the next thing.

That's the only way you will find out what you like. There's no committing, no promises, no high expectations. There are many different ways to do something, find out what works best for you.

Final words

So before I go waayyyy off topic. I hope you can look back and find the moments that made you happy.

I wish the new year will be full of new opportunities for you to explore and may there be an abundance of happy moments.

Nothing will ever stay the same. Life changes constantly. All we can do is hold on to the good memories and try to let the bad ones go.

Until next time,

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  1. Thank you and Happy New Year to you also!

  2. Thank you! Happy new year Paul! Hope you have an awesome 2017 :-)

  3. It's like best handwriting in a new notebook, new year is a chance for a fresh start and although most fail some don't. It's the attempt at change that counts. 2016 wasn't all bad I found. I hope that 2017 is going to be a great year for all. Hope your year builds on everything you've achieved so far. Happy New Year xx

    1. Thank you Captain Kirk. Yes I see what you mean about best handwriting. That's a perfect way to describe the new year's resolutions. Later on writing pretty seems like too much effort. Especially if not rewarded and if no one notices your effort. Like most goals in life. Happy new year to you too Captain :-)

  4. Yep 2016 is by far the worst year but a new year has come *fingers crossed* hope it's a great year for all of us. I like what you said about "trying", all we can really do is try everything to know what comes after. Anyway, I'm here to wish you a happy New Year and I wish you a prosperous life. :)

    1. Thank you so much Joana. I read your reply to me on your blog. I'm also glad I met a blogger like you. Yes *fingers crossed* for 2017. Happy new year to you too :-)

  5. Hi Renza! Happy New Year! I think 2017 will be great. Life is what you make it. It sounds like you had a good 2016 to me. You learned and you grew. Like you said, it's a process. I'm excited to see how the pup's relationship grows over the next year.

    1. Thanks Diane! Happy new year to you too! The puppy and Buffy get along great but they play a bit rough. She already hurt her leg. It's like watching a wrestling match of two Tasmanian devils from looney toons when they play. I let them play unsupervised, but now I think I need to supervise until she's a bit bigger.

    2. I was going to type the same thing - life is what you make it :)

      I had a great 2016 although a lot of people feel like it was a bad year. Hoping for things to progress like this in 2017 as well.

      Hope it's not too late to wish you a Happy New Year, Lorenza!

      /Adam - The Doggy Institute

    3. Hi Adam. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Happy new year to you too! I found your website but no place to follow you. I loved you puppy training article. There's a lot on there I want to still read. I'll bookmark it for now. Thanks again :-)

  6. Happy New Year to you, Lorenza. Congratulations on all you've achieved in 2016. Wish you all the best for the coming year. Smiles xx

    1. Oh wow thank you so very much. Wishing you all the best for 2017 too :-)

  7. 2016 was a challenge, yes. But we must persist. There is no-one who can do it but ourselves in the spirit that life will return to its uphill climb to a mountain to see life in all its splendor. Uphill is a necessity to be rewarded for. If you can't make hot up the hill, you won't be rewarded. So remember that all is a test and separately we are ultimately in charge of what happens to us. with that being said, life can happen to us or for us. your choice.

    1. True Brent. The only way to grow is to endure hardships. But the trick is to not hold on to the pain and not to let it consume you. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it :-)

  8. Hi again!! I commented on that post 2 years ago! How you been? My life went so strange in 2017. My Patches was diagnosed with Advanced Kidney disease. I took very good care of her and she lived a good life to November 5, 2018!! One year and seven months!! I was truely blessed to have her so much longer than expected. The end of 2016 was so long ago. I remember chatting with you several times back in those days - it was always late at night in my part of the world. so long ago. also - the only reason I keep "Blog Lovin" alerts coming to my email is to make sure I get notified of your posts. I wish you a very Happy New Year. I hope all goes well for you. Glad I found your blog so, so, so long ago!
    ~ Paul

  9. Hi again Paul! Yes, I remember! It seems like forever ago. Sorry for your loss. I'm glad you got more time with your Patches. Lost our Snowy about two weeks ago too. I haven't seen him in a year and on his last day his mommy, my cousin asked me to go with her to the Vet and I got a chance to say goodbye to him. I'm grateful for that chance. Weird how things work out. Today is the anniversary of my granny's passing so I didn't feel like writing something new. But this post is a reminder to look for the good in life and focus on our blessings even though things can seem gloomy sometimes. Buff and Fluff are doing well. If only I can convince them to write more. lol! All the best to you for 2019! Have a Happy New Year! :-)


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