Fight Like Cat and Dog - Ending the Pet Feud

Fight Like Cat and Dog
Woof! Hello guys! Us doggies have a type of love-hate relationship with the cats. They have completely different personalities than us.

They are catty and we are uhm...not catty. There's a reason why people always say fight like cat and dog.

Cat and Dog feud

I'm not sure where it all started. They are our main competition when it comes to being the ideal pet.

You get dog people and then you get cat people. Some humans prefer both. I think those humans might have a multiple personality disorder.

Mommy Renza had a cat when she was small. He was black and slept on top of her head every night. Creepy yes!

Her mommy also had two cats and when she slept over there, the cats would sneak into her room and jump on her bed to go sit in the window.

Imagine you're sleeping and something jumps on you? Yes, I know. I'll be freaked out too.

Fight Like Cat and Dog

So I guess she never became a cat person due to the sleep-disturbing and being all freaked out. Who knows why someone becomes a cat person or a dog person? Or a both person.

Is it how the human brain is wired? These are serious questions, you guys.

There's even a saying "fight like cat and dog". Not fight like dog and dog, but cat and dog. That means this feud has been going on forever.

I'm not really sure what I'll do if and when I encounter a cat. There might be lots of chasing and maybe a paw fight. I can't promise anything.

Renza is thinking about getting a cat. She sees them all over social media being all cute and catty.

Hey! Isn't Fluffy catty enough? She can scratch better than a cat. Plus she barks like a dog. So it's safe to say she's a cat-dog. A hybrid!

I think I just solved the cat and dog feud. Can I get a bunch of cat-dogs, please? Make it snappy! Mr. Evolution is slow as a snail. This cat-dog thing will take some time to happen, unfortunately.

We could clone Fluffy, but that would be wrong. I think. Fluffy wants to dominate, so making copies of her will be the end of everything. War of the Fluffy clones! I'm getting chills, you guys.

dogs talking

Believe me, you do not want a thousand Fluffy clones. Maybe a few for cuddles. She will be solely responsible for uniting the cats and dogs.

On second thought, that might be a good thing! Can I have a thousand Fluffy cat-dog clones, please?!!

Invasion the Fluffy clones

Cats, if you happen to read this, I hope we can make peace some day. The humans can fight all they want over silly things, but us pets must stick together. The saying fight like cat and dog should become obsolete.

Time to go now you guys. You can put in your Fluffy cat-dog order as soon as we clone a sample for testing. Us at Life and Dog Stuff will keep you updated.

Woof! Woof!!!

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Author: Buffy
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Fight Like Cat and Dog - Ending the Pet Feud

Pic credit: Fluffy and I posing in pics. Plus Pixabay free stock images Renza edited.

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