9 Dog Approved Simple and Delicious Meals to Make

9 Dog Approved Simple and Delicious Meals to Make - Chef Buffy Woof! Woof! Hello you guys! I was thinking of doing something nice for mommy Renza to spoil her a bit.

She always cooks nice food for us and I thought I should make her a few simple and delicious meals to show her my appreciation.

These are all dog approved, of course, meaning us doggies love them and I'm sure mommy will too.

I came up with a few ideas. Let me know what you think guys.

Delicious Recipes To Make

1. Mud cakes

There's a sand patch in our yard and tons of sand in the garden. That means I already have the main ingredient! I'll add some of my drinking water and whalla! Oooh, she'll love it sooo much!

2. Dog biscuit tower with bed foam on the side

I'll save half my dog biscuits for a few days. Fluffy and my bed foam is always everywhere so that won't be a problem to get.

3. Sticks and stones casserole with a side of grass for greenery

Fluffy is an expert sticks and stone collector. It's only fair that she pitches in. I asked her to do what she does best.

Fluffy collecting delicious meal ingredients.
Fluffy gathering meal ingredients

4. Leftover scraps straight out of the garbage bin

Those are the best, you guys. This one I need to time good. If I'm even a few minutes late then meal nr. 4 is a no go.

5. Blanket stew with a hint of fluffy hair

I don't shed a lot. I know it's hard to believe because I have so much fluff, but it's true. Luckily we have a shedder in our midst and she's leaving a trail of white hair everywhere. Everywhere!

6. Brown soup

It's the same as the mud cakes but just not so thick. A little liquidy. I'll add from Snowy's drinking water so that mommy won't get suspicious and wonders why my water is up.

Serving suggestion by Chef Buffy.

7. Sun-dried bird with a side of leaves

Everyone knows by now I'm an expert hunter. I'm part wolf after all. This is, unfortunately, a three doggie job. It will be a true test to see if the pack can work together.

8. Dog biltong served with a piece of cardboard box and a sock for extra flavor

Mommy says some people won't know what biltong is. It's dried meat or beef jerky as they call it over the seas. I'm not really sure why the beef was a jerk but it's yummy no matter what its level of rudeness.

9. Yummy shoes with the leg of teddy and some dentastix to make sure teeth clean after the feast

Please don't ask me what happened to Teddy. Don't worry! Mommy has him in protective custody. Fine, I'll tell! It's Fluffy. She chewed his leg off. The horror!!

There's everything on the menu, you guys. I have most of the ingredients already. Hopefully, I'll get the rest soon then I can just throw it all together. Wish me luck!

Mommy Renza is a very picky eater though. I'm not really sure if she'll like all the meals. If not, there will be plenty of leftovers for Fluff and I. Oh for Snowy too. Grrr! I'll have to yell at him a bit before I share to let him know it's a one-time thing.

Woof!! Woooooof!!

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Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger, Alpha dog, part-time chef
Future plans: Be the cuddliest dog in the world
Likes: Playing, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Pics of us Renza edited. Serving suggestion Pixabay pic.

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