5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair

5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair | Life and Dog Stuff.
Ruff! Hello, my fluffy pack! The other day while reviewing the best car booster seats for dogs, we saw some car seat covers that will help keep your car seats clean and also keep your doggies secure in the backseat.

Besides the fact that I've drooled all over mommy's car already, I also left a considerable amount of my fluff there. It's not a big deal but Renza is lazy and I need to help make cleanup easier and a seat cover should help.

Buff does not drool, but he moves around a lot on the backseat like a crazy dog trying to escape. Warning the passing drivers he's being taken to an undisclosed location and they need to call for help. Geez!

I know I'm Queen Fluffy, but Buff is the biggest drama queen ever. He has been mistaken numerous times as a really pretty girl dog and mommy is getting tired of correcting people.

That's what you get for hanging out with girls all day Buff. You become one!

Buffy taking over again!

Anyway, to help you choose a car seat cover for dog hair, drool and other gross stuff, I'll be looking at 5 top-rated dog car seat covers that have tons of good reviews. 

Best Dog Car Seat Covers

1. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock - Our Top Pick

Our first seat cover is from 4Knines. Clever name huh? I wonder who these four doggies are that messed so much in the car they had to have a seat cover named after them.

Mommy should design one and call it FloofQueens. I'm sure there will be a lot of confusion with Buff being a boy dog, but no one will mind. Except for Buff. Grrr!

Anyway, this seat cover can also turn into a hammock if you attach it to the front headrests. Looks like there will be less drooling and more snoozing going on. Zzzzz!

Let's look at some of its features plus pros and cons.

    5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair.
  • Attach hammock to your front headrests to help your dog feel secure and to keep debris on top of the cover. Velcro openings allow access to two seat belts and child safety latch systems. 
  • The colorfast, high-temperature-rated materials are free of AZO dyes & heavy chemicals like lead, arsenic, or mercury. The quilted top layer and continuous non-slip backing are completely waterproofed to prevent moisture from seeping through (seams and stitching are not watertight). Non-slip backing and sturdy seat anchors keep the cover in place.
  • Comes in two sizes: Regular (54-inches wide to fit most vehicles) and XL (60-inches wide to fit oversized SUVs and full-size trucks). 
  • Available in black, grey, or tan.
  • Easy to install with quick-release clips and reinforced headrest straps. 
  • Easy to clean just hose it down, wipe down with a moist towel, or toss it in the washer.
  • Protected by a no-hassle 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty. 

  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Lifetime Warranty
    • Not cheap

    2. YESYEES Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

    Who gives these seat cover names? Let's forget for a moment that names don't have to be descriptive like Fluffy that's full of fluff and Buffy that's named after a certain vampire slayer that's a girl. Oh, now I get it!

    The Yesyees seat cover is apparently tear-resistant and waterproof. My teeth would love to try destroying it, but it might take forever. 

    This seat cover design cannot be converted to a hammock but is perfect for protecting your back seat from furry child messes. 

    Here's the breakdown!

      5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair.
    • 56" Wide x 49" Length. It can easily fit in backseats of most standard vehicles.
    • This tear resistant pet seat cover has side flaps to protect your seat’s ends from scratches.
    • Has two zippers for middle seat belt and armrest. Just unzip the cover and pull the seat belt through and re-zip the cover. Un-zip both zippers to use the armrest.
    • Made from heavy-duty, durable and scratch proof material that's 100% waterproof. The bottom material is. a high quality non-slip mesh with corner elastic straps and seat anchors at backing to prevent it from sliding around.
    • Easy to install with buckle straps. Snap them around the back headrests and tuck in the seat anchors. Secure the side elastic straps around seat corners. 
    • Easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. Machine wash in gentle cycle
    • 100% risk-free with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

    • Seat belt and armrest openings
    • Impressive quality
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Not a hammock

    3. Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover

    Another high-quality seat cover that can convert into a hammock. I'm not just saying that because of the tall, dark and handsome doggo sitting on it.

    Mommy says I have a type. I yell at our neighbor's dog that looks similar. Well, there were three already. I flirt, I yell, I promise to be back tomorrow for some more yelling. Don't worry they look forward to it!

    Let's looks at the Plush Paws features.

      5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair.
    • 100% Waterproof backing with several layers of materials that traps liquid for an endless period.  
    • Well-cushioned, soft, durable and very comfortable. 
    • Has 4 velcro openings to access seat belts and child safety latch. 
    • Unique non-slip silicone backing creates the ultimate resistance to slippage. 
    • High-pressure areas of the cover are reinforced with extra layers of heavy duty material & threading to preserve the interior of your vehicle in perfect condition for years.
    • Free safety accessories 2 harnesses and 2 seatbelts are included for your dog to feel safe in case of sudden stops or sharp curves. Reg fits 15-50, XL 60-100# dogs. 
    • Extra side flaps protect the seat sides from dog paws while getting in or out of the car. 
    • No azo dyes, heavy metals - arsenic, lead or mercury. Pressure resistant, temperature & materials tested safe for pets and the entire family. Guaranteed does not fade or bleed. 
    • Reinforced headrest straps do not disintegrate in the sun like others. Easy Install Buckle straps around the headrest, insert seat anchors.
    • 100% Machine washable, hose, wipe with a damp cloth or vacuum
    • Fits standard cars, trucks or SUV 55”w x 58” L. Also in XL 63”w x 65” L. 
    • Freshen up the interior of your car with either our black, grey or tan Plush Paws seat cover. 
    • Can convert to a hammock and great on leather or cloth seat. 
    • Endorsed with a Lifetime warranty and 100% customer satisfaction. 


    • Heavy-duty waterproof material, free of dyes
    • Non-slip silicone backing
    • Machine-washable
    • Lifetime warranty
      • Some buyers report difficulty with installation
      • Straps aren’t UV protected

      4. Winner Outfitters Dog Car Seat Covers


        5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair.
      • Size is 56" Wide x 60" Length.
      • Designed for the backseats of all standard cars, trucks, and SUVs. Can easily convert between hammock or standard bench cover.
      • This seat cover for dogs is completely waterproof because of the Waterproof TPU. It also includes built-in rubber nonslip backing and seat anchors to prevent seat cover from sliding around.
      • Material is light, soft and comfortable.
      • The dog car seat cover is very easy to install with buckle straps, seat anchors and side flaps. 
      • It's also easy to clean. Machine washable on gentle cycle.

      • With waterproof TPU
      • Side flaps for door protection
      • Money-back guarantee
      • Easy to clean
      • Only black color available

      5. BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

      Best Dog Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair.
      • Easily convertible between hammock or standard bench coverage. Bench section of the seat cover is designed with 7" side flaps extensions for extra coverage to the side of your seat cushions.
      • Made with high quality heavy-duty waterproof polyester for durability and comfortability.
      • Include built-in velcro openings for your seatbelts and seat anchors to prevent the seat cover from sliding around.
      • Protects backseats from dirt, spills, scratches, hair, and fur, and other messes.
      • Two pockets included for easy storing of personal items such as toys, leashes, grooming supplies, water bottle. etc.
      • Designed with color-fast material to prevent color bleeding and premium components free of azo dyes and heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, etc. Also tested to withstand extreme temperatures so you will never have to worry about damage to your vehicles anymore.
      • Very easy to install - Just snap the buckle straps around your headrests and tuck in the seat anchors.
      • It's also easy to clean. Machine washable on gentle cycle.
      • Hammock convertible.
      • Waterproof.
      • Protects back seat from any kind of a mess.
      • Easy to clean and install.
      • Straps aren’t UV-protected and tend to fray after time.
      • Only comes in only black color.
      • No warranty information available.

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      5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair | Life and Dog Stuff.

      That's it my fluffies. If you want to make sure your car seats stay in mint condition for a long time, then it's time to cover them with a car seat protector. Especially if you have pets and children. 

      Time to go now. We're on our way to an undisclosed location again. Buff jumped onto the front seat. I think he wants to drive. Help!!

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