10 Good Things About Getting Older

10 Good Things About Getting Older.
Today I’m another year older. I’ve always hated birthdays. Please don’t ask me how old I am. I still look like a teenager and some people still ask me “How’s school?”. Geez!

Yep. I’m not kidding. So even though my age does not show, I still hate getting older.

I decided to think about some good things about getting older before I get all gloomy. This practice of listing positive things about a perceived negative situation will help a lot to put things in perspective.

Birthdays can sometimes be a reminder of all the things we have not achieved yet. A lot of people hate their birthday.

But if we turn it around and look at what we've gained over the years instead of focusing on what we still don't have, then things might look less grim.

Here’s my list!

Best Things About Growing Old

1. I’m wiser

Getting older and becoming wiser goes hand in hand. Younger me was clueless about how life works and made so many mistakes.

I also know now that those mistakes were just stepping stones to the person I am today. I used to torture myself if I messed up, but you live and you learn. A lesson I could only learn with age.

2. I’m happier

I’m happier than I was when I was younger. Mostly because I took control of my happiness and my life. Before I just felt powerless.

Now I know not to just accept things the way they are. I make it a point to focus on the positive and not the negative.

I was always a pessimist. I did not think about the future or it just seemed pointless and filled with more unhappiness.

Today I'm filled with hope. I believe everything will work out. Even if they don't, it's ok too. Some things have to end for something new and beautiful to begin.

3. I’m not so shy anymore

As I got older, I grew less shy. I became more outspoken, confident and my low self-esteem issues went away. Not sure what happened, but I’m not complaining. Good riddance!

Well, I do actually know what happened. I learned to like myself. I made it my mission to understand who I was.

We rarely take the time to know ourselves. The good and bad. But the more I learned, the more I started to love myself. With all my flaws.

My flaws all have their own stories. My life consists of stories and moments that defined me.

There were some moments that I needed to stop reliving and when I did, I got better. I only recognized those moments when I stood still and looked at the person I was.

4. I laugh more

I’ve always had a crazy imagination. Well, that’s what happens if you’re an introvert and in your head a lot. With that came a crazy sense of humor, that unfortunately could not surface because of my shyness.

People in my life tell me I’m silly. My silliness is splattered all over this blog. I’m just happy that part of me surfaced because my whole life I felt it screaming to get out.

I also learned to laugh at myself and life more. Some things aren’t so bad when you look at them as funny.

5. I’m smarter

I make a point of learning something new every day. Younger me placed herself into a box and did not question everything. Older me question everything and I’m constantly learning.

A few years ago I had really bad brain fog. Another thyroid symptom.

So I went from being someone that loved learning to someone who's brain stopped functioning properly. Not fun.

I started doing brain exercises and faster eft energy tapping. My brain fog cleared soon afterward.

My mind absorbs info much better today. I know they say the older you get the less your mind will work. Or something like that. But our brains are amazing.

What helped most was getting it out of repeat mode and introducing it to many different things. At my old job, it was the same thing day in and day out. Boring!

I try to learn different things about everything every day. I think everyone should go through this life like that. To be curious and gain as much knowledge as they can about everything. It helps the brain to stay active.

6. I’m more responsible and less stressed

I make more responsible decisions in my life and I see the bigger picture. I plan ahead and that way I feel more in control.

I'm less stressed and I don't get sick at all anymore. Younger me constantly stressed over things she had no control over and was clueless about how to deal with it.

My stress led to a lot of health issues. So less stress equals a healthier older me.

7. I’m more compassionate and empathetic

I’ve experienced a lot of disappointment in my life, but the upside of that is that I feel more compassion and empathy towards others. I just want to build others up when they are down because I needed that a lot in my life.

Younger people, especially children aren't too empathetic. It's a skill you learn as you get older and gain more life experience.

8. I found my purpose

It's hard to know what your purpose is when you are younger. But this journey we call life is about learning and finding things that we love and that make us happy. To share those things with others.

I love creating, inspiring and motivating others. My younger self could never imagine or attempt to inspire. Older me knows that’s what I was meant to do.

I also know that purpose and career is not the same. I once thought it was. That thinking can leave you feeling stuck.

If you manage to get a career where you can incorporate your purpose or passion then you'll surely be blessed.

9. I’m more comfortable in my own skin

I stopped wondering what others thought of me. Younger me was obsessed with what people thought of her and if they would accept her. It was exhausting!

Every week I had a different hair color or style. With way too much makeup.

Let them talk if they want. I laugh at my awful fashion sense and my equally awful hairstyles that just don’t want to fall into place. Also, I hate wearing makeup. It’s way too much effort.

Beauty fades. I want someone to like me for my personality, not my looks.

10. I know what I want

You can only know what you want once you know what you don’t want. Getting older and gaining more life experience is the only way to find out what you don’t want and what you do want. My younger self always felt lost and stumbled through life.

So there’s my list. I actually feel much better about getting older now. For those who hate getting older, make your own list to see that it's not so bad.

Getting older might not be the greatest thing, but not a lot of people get the opportunity to actually grow old. Those of us that are still here should be grateful for this life and for every year we are given.

PS: I also share my birthday with the best gifts I have ever been given, Buffy and Fluffy. They fill my days with laughter and joy. Happy birthday my sweeties! Love you more than words. Thank you for filling my heart and showering me with love and really wet sloppy kisses.

Until next time,

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