Tribute to My Beautiful Grandma - Rest in Peace

Tribute to My Beautiful Grandma - Rest in Peace.
While everyone was celebrating the new year, I was at the hospital saying goodbye to my granny. She passed away on new years day at the age of 91.

I wanted to write a short tribute to my beautiful grandma. My granny was a light in this world.

She was the strongest person I knew with a huge heart. She lived a long beautiful life and I'm so grateful that we had her with us for so long.

My grandparents raised me and I stayed with them my whole life. Grandpa is now 94 and last December they were married for 69 years.

They knew each other for only three months before they got married. Had 6 children, 15 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren.

Anyone that asked her what's the secret to a long marriage she always said in Afrikaans "Jy moet dra en verdra". I think it means to be very tolerant.

Those who asked her what's the secret to a long life, she said she respected her parents like the commandment says. Also, believe and trust in God.

Granny was sick for a while now, she got better and then suddenly she was gone. She kept saying God told her she still had work to do.

To some, it may seem unfair that God took her from us on new year's day because it's such big day to celebrate. But from now on every new year her memory will remind us of how we should live.

She never drank or smoked, was a good wife, mother, grandma, and great-grandma. She was in church every Sunday even when she was ill.

People were drawn to her and everyone that met her felt blessed. She knew what she wanted out of this life and at the end, she had no regrets.

I admired her so much. Her work to inspire will continue forever. God planned it this way and I feel at peace.

Thank you granny for raising me. For all the lessons and always being there to talk to and laugh with. I miss you so much.

My heart is broken but I know God is taking good care of you now. God will be with you till we meet again. Rest in peace grandma. Love you always mamma. ♥

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Until next time,

Pic credit: Pixabay image edited by Renza. Pic of my granny.

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  1. Well done tribute. I'm sorry for your loss Lorenza. You'll be ok, right???
    Sending a long distance hug and much love for you guys๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ❤️๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›

    1. Thank you Danyel. The pain is still raw, but I'll be fine. The whole family is here so there's lots of support and I see a piece of her in all of them. :-)♥

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. You have my prayers. Please get well soon.

  3. That was a beautiful piece. Sorry for you loss.

  4. Doeboe#3:

    My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your ouma. May her beautiful soul rest in peace. Follow her example and you will be reunited with her one day.

    1. Gosh I'm wondering now who the third doeboe is. Thank you so much. :-)

  5. Oh, beautiful tribute, you helped the rest of us know her a little too. She sounds like an extraordinary women, with lots of great lessons to teach. I send you lots of love during this time of healing.

    1. Yes, she was definitely one of a kind. Everyone thats been here in the week has some story of what my granny taught them. Thank you Kirstie. :-)

  6. Hey I'm so sorry for your loss! This was a beautiful tribute and from reading your blogs you seem a really lovely person and doing her proud! Xx


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