The Horrors of Dog Wash Day - Tips to Get You Through It

The Horrors of Dog Wash Day - 9 Tips to Get You Through It
Woof! Hello guys! Today's topic is very serious. All over the world dogs have to endure the dreaded wash day.

I get chills just thinking about it. The humans love it when we’re clean so they can cuddle and pet us.

We are the closest thing to a living stuffed animal, so cuddles and cleanliness are expected. Our natural scent is then replaced by those awful smelling shampoos or whatever they use to wash us with.

Mommy Renza is sneaky. She says nothing then pretends that she wants to play with me.

The next thing I know I have a leash around my neck and into the bath I go. You would think this business will go quick, but it takes forever.

I just have to sit there while being manhandled for hours. No fun! Grrr!!

Tips to get you through wash day

  • Your human is going to catch you eventually so you might as well turn yourself in. The sooner you do, the sooner the nightmare will be over.
  • Hiding is still an option. So if you decide to choose this route, you need to be fast and have a good hiding spot. Goodluck! If you're successful, then pets everywhere will know you as the one who dodged wash day. Hail to you, oh great one...
  • Renza gives me treats and talks to me while I'm being washed. It makes me feel better. Hopefully, your human does the same and does not treat you like you are laundry.
Dog wash day
    Example of a dirty doggy
  • Try sitting or standing still. The longer you fight it, the longer it will take.
  • Remember it's only water. It will not hurt you.
  • Try not to lick any part of you during or after the wash. I know it's tempting, please don't.
  • Shake it out. Make sure you're close to your human when you shake yourself out. Renza hates it when I shake and make her wet. That will teach her! Grrr!!
dog shaking after dog bath.
Shake like this!
  • When you're finally dry and smell like yuk, try not to go roll in the sand. If you're dirty again, they will wash you again. No one likes repeats. 
  • Now you're ready for cuddles. I know you love this part so don't deny it.

I know it's no fun guys, but if we want more cuddles then we need to be clean. Renza keeps outsmarting me, then I try to outsmart her again and it's a vicious cycle that never ends. So it's best to behave and get it over with.

The Horrors of Dog Wash Day - Tips to Get You Through It.

I hope doggies and kitty cats everywhere will have a less stressful wash day. Hopefully, no human will get hurt in the process. Grrr!!

For humans, please be patient with your pets. Give them a little break during the wash process. Make sure you give your pet a yummy treat, pet them and talk to them to reassure them everything will be ok. 

Until next time
Woof!! Woooof!!

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Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Pixabay images Renza edited.

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  1. Hi Buffy! Know what? Bathing time is no fuss at all for us, because I absolutely love bath and I even show up every part to be cleaned, myself. I just simply love the water falling on me. Of course if it goes on too long, then I cannot sit and start running out of the bathroom and then is when the trouble starts. But I hate the wiping after bath which my human parents love to do, God knows why? Once I had terrible chills after bath, maybe because of that. But yes! I agree with you, after bath all my family just love to cuddle me up all day long. Frustrating as it is, I love that. Woof! Bye for now - Bruno

    1. Woof! Hello Bruno. I'm glad you like bath time. I can't say the same. It might be because I'm a little sensitive and I take long to dry. I have too much hair and it takes forever. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post Bruno, Woof!!

  2. Very interesting as usual.haha


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