Fluffy the Puppy Growing Up

Fluffy the Puppy Growing Up
Ruff-ruff!! Hello humans! I've been part of this world for about 4 months now. As a puppy growing up it's not too bad.

Fluffy the Puppy Growing Up

I get to play with my bestie Buffy every day and I have Renza mommy that takes care of me. She calls me Fluffy long legs because my legs are super long.

She thinks she's funny! Grrr!

Soon I'll be able to jump on the chairs just like Buffy. I can already jump high, but not as good as Buff yet.

He runs at a speed, then jumps. I've been studying his jumping moves, so soon I'll be joining him on the couch.

Buff is a good teacher and has been teaching me all about dog stuff. There's a lot of skills to learn and shadowing my big brother is the best way to learn fast.

Don't worry! He's been alone for a long time so he enjoys having me there every minute of every single day. Well, he hides sometimes but I'm sure it's because of that annoying Renza.

My teeth are all chipped away from all the chewing. I'm told soon I'll be getting some new teeth. Bigger! Sharper! I can't wait! Then I can do some real damage.

These humans keep leaving their things everywhere. I guess they want me to chew on their stuff. Only mommy keeps her stuff out of reach though.

Otherwise, everyone else's shoes and clothing are given freely to me to chew on. I know right? They're soooo nice.

I'm just as tall as Buffy now. Mommy says it looks like I might get taller and it seems like I'm mixed with a bigger dog with straight hair.

That means Buffy and I might look a little different when I'm fully grown up, but not by much.

Mommy calls me small Buffy. Dur! I'm just as big as him. He just has a lot of hair and weighs more. He's very heavy! When we play he sits on me. He thinks he's funny!

I return the favor by climbing on his back and sticking there like glue to annoy him. He tries to shake me off but fails miserably. Guess he has no idea how glue works.

We have fun playing and chasing each other around in the yard and through the house sometimes. We almost ran mommy over that one time.

Well, who told her to stand in our way! Just imagine how she would fly through the air. We are super fast and can do serious damage to an in the way person. Get out of our way human!

I think I'm getting too big for my bed. Renza human should get me a new one asap. I've already started chewing and tearing it up.

I've taken out the insides too, just like we did with Buffy's bed. I had to fight with the human because she refused to let me eat it.

Fluffy the Puppy Growing Up stages

A puppy can't even taste things around here without being chased around. But luckily I'm hard to catch and just run in circles around the human.

She moves at a snail's pace. Are all humans this slow or is it just this one?

Everyone that comes here keeps saying I'm soooo big now. I dance for them and lick them to make sure they feel welcome. Buffy does not like greeting people.

He just warns everyone there are visitors and barks at them. He's an introvert like Renza mommy. They don't like to have people around them. Luckily I'm here to balance out their weirdness.

Time to go now humans. I see someone left me a shoe to chew on. Why can't mommy do nice things like that?

I had to fight her for just one slipper. Well, she did leave me a toilet roll this morning to make pretty snow with. Guess that counts!

Ruff!! Ruff!!

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Job: Doing puppy stuff, part-time blogger
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting feet, hands and destroying everything in sight
Dislikes: Baths, being picked up and self-cloning Needleman

Pic credit: Renza human took pics of me.

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