Fluffy the Puppy's Visit to The Vet

Fluffy the Puppy's Visit to The Vet.
Ruff-ruff!! Hello humans! I decided to take some time out of my busy puppy schedule to write something on the blog.

I had a traumatic week and wanted to share stuff. Puppies have issues too you know.

Puppy's Visit to The Vet

I was forced to visit the Vet again on Tuesday. I think Vet is short for a very evil trap.

I knew something wasn't right. There was way too much grooming going on.

Renza human bathed and brushed me. I messed up my hair again and took a roll in the sand afterward.

I ignored all the signs. Never again! Grrr!

Renza human says the first three months are done now. My next visit is only next year. Let's hope so and she's not lying to me.

There were so many dogs and cats at the Vet. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone was so quiet. What's up with that? Bet they all know what's waiting for them behind those creepy white doors.

One big dog, in particular, came out of the creepy white door room and they had to pull him across the floor because he decided not to walk anymore.

It was funny until I started to wonder what actually happened behind those doors that made him forget how to walk...

At Vet looking at a drooling dog
At Vet looking at a drooling dog

I started to panic but calmed down again. There were a few droolers that made the floor wet.

They were all really scared. "Clean-up please!", I yelled. Ruff! I guess they don't respond like mommy when I tell her to come clean up my messes.

I sat quietly on mommy's lap. Did I just call her mommy?! What did this human do to me? She's so goofy and kinda grew on me like a fungus.

Her mommy also went with to make sure I'm calm. I like her mommy sooo much. I even allow her to pick me up and I lick her face.

I do my little greet dance every time I see her. Then she goes all screamy from excitement. Guess the craziness runs in the family.

When it was my turn after waiting forever, the needle man did unspeakable things to me. He said my temperature is normal. Find another way to measure temperature Dr. Stabby!

Mommy calmed me down, but it lasted only a minute. Next was the big needle of pain.

Needleman injected me with it not once, but twice. Well, he had to hold me while another Needleman stabbed me because I started to panic.

Yep! He duplicated himself. I then made a little accident on him. Oooh, he looked mad. That will teach him! Grrr!!

Anyway, I got my worm tablet afterward that mommy mixed with my food and I'm all done now. It was a very traumatic day for me.

Plus mommy Renza was driving and she's a new driver. "There's a hole in the road!", I yell. Ruff! She just drives over it. Geez!

Puppy's Visit to The Vet

I chewed a little of her car at the back the other day. I could see the steam coming out of her ears. I need more chew toys human! Hope she gets the message now.

Time to go now. I'm off to play with some cap I found. Who's cap is it? No one knows. Guess it's mine now. Buffy wants to wrestle me for it but I don't like letting go of things.

The human is training me to 'let go', but I just do it for treats. Keep the treats coming human!! Keep them coming!


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Pic credit: Renza human took pics of Buffy and I edited. Main pic mixed with a pixabay pic.

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