Puppy Biting and Destroying Things

Puppy Biting and Destroying Things
Ruff-ruff! Hello humans! I'm back! I was forced to write something for the blog because Renza human had to come up with some new topics.

Fluffy the Puppy's Destruction

Btw this is not a blog post about surviving puppy biting and all the things that will be destroyed in your house. I like destruction and chaos so why fix it.

Renza human is trying to teach me not to bite people by making some weird crying noises and giving me something else to chew on besides human flesh.

Is it working you ask? Well, I prefer the flesh sooooo...

I love destroying everything in my path. Who told them to leave their things where I can reach?

Buffy and I destroyed his dog bed the other day. The insides were all over the place.

Renza had to sew it together again and it took her half a day. I even helped her pull out the thread while she was busy.

I'm a very good helper, I know. Now we can play with the patched-up bed again. Yay!

Buffy pulls me around on it and after that, we tear it apart again. I know you're probably wondering what about my bed. Well, it's for sleeping, not playing. Silly, silly humans.

I have puppy teeth and I need to bite things, so don't blame me. I love collecting rocks to chew on, but I need to hide them away in my bed underneath my blanket otherwise Renza human confiscates my rock collection.

I destroy their newspapers and make sure the roll of toilet paper that's always close by for some reason, gets ripped apart. It looks like snow. All white and snow like. Really pretty.

Unfortunately, my human cleans it up after mumbling some words that I don't understand. Then she says Buffy must play with me to keep me busy.

Almost like he has a choice. I think he likes it when I pull his hair. Don't worry he won't miss a few.

Puppy Biting and Destroying Things
Playing with Buffy

I like chewing their shoes. I take Renza's slippers off her feet then run away and hide where she can't get me.

She's really slow and I'm just as fast as Buffy. There's a lot of shouting, but it just fuels me on. It's fun to see how she screams.

I think she's a little nuts. She keeps saying I'm naughty. I thought my name was Fluffy. I think my human is a bit confused. Crazy and confused! Not a good combination.

She takes good care of me and gives me nice food and treats. She also cleans up my potty messes. I let her know I messed by making some funny noises.

Like ringing a bell for a servant. My servant comes and cleans up. Oh, that's after she says some weird sounding words.

Time to go now humans. I see something that's still in one piece. Let me go fix that!


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Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy stuff
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting feet, hands and destroying everything in sight
Dislikes: Baths and being picked up

Pic credit: Renza human took a pic of me.

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