How To Protect Your Human - Buffy's Dog Tips

How To Protect Your Human - Buffy's Dog Tips
Woof! Hello guys! I'm back. Mommy's eyes are finally better. I was really scared you guys. She looked really creepy with those red eyes.

I don't like when bad things happen to her. She's not just my food supplier, she's also my best friend and I feel the need to protect my Renza.

All doggies were bred to be natural protectors. It's in our DNA.

The humans feed us, give us shelter, plays with us and love us. So it's natural that you would want to protect your human.

Not everything that comes close to your human is dangerous. Please don't go all crazy and jump and attack everything that moves.

Dogs protecting humans

1. If someone approaches your human with a really loud voice, let them know it's unacceptable by stepping in-between them and your human. Growl a little so that they can back off and keep quiet.

2. If the person touches your human and they yell out "Ouch!". This is the perfect time to use your sharp teeth. They're not just made to chew food and rip apart toys.

Go ahead and bite them. Who told them to lay their filthy hands on your human. You have my permission. Grrrr!

3. When new visitors come to your house, smell them first. If they smell 'wrong'...Attack! If they smell friendly then you can leave them alone. Maybe they have treats or a toy.

4. Warn your human by barking a special bark when there are visitors at the gate or door. My warning bark sounds like a howl. You guys know how to howl, right? We are part wolf after all. Arhoooooooooooooof!!

Dog sleeping
Sleeping on the job. I'm guilty of this too.
5. Stay close to your human. Lie in front of them with your back towards them or just sit or stand close.

You never know what can happen with a world filled with crazy people. Be alert and look out for 'wrong' humans and other things.

6. Don't fall for the "Here's a treat" from a stranger. They don't know you or what kind of snacks you like.

What gives them the right to hand out treats anyway? If you really want the treat, look at your human first for approval.

7. When you go outside for walkies make sure you're always at your human's side. It's tempting to smell random things and chase dogs or other humans that are walking too close.

Don't do it! If they don't look at you or come close to pet you then don't engage. Just ignore them.

8. If another doggy eye your human and look at them the way you look at food, let the doggy know that your human is under your protection. Growl if they think you're not serious. Grrrr!

How to protect you human
Example of extreme guarding
I hope this was helpful you guys. Our humans are important to our survival so we need to make sure nothing happens to them.

I love my Renza but she's a bit of a weakling. Can't fight to save her life. You may think she can scream because she's a girl. Nope! That's not an option either. Weak voice too.

Luckily she has me and of course Fluffy to protect her. Don't be fooled by our cuteness. Big mistake! Fluffy has shown us she's quite vicious and will be a good protector. Already barking at strangers.

She barks when she destroys things too but that's a story for another day. Her needle-sharp teeth will come in handy if we need to take on some creepy person. She's an attack first ask questions later type. Grrrr!!

I have a very smart little sister, but there's something a little off about her. I can't put my paw on it. She has found a way onto the couch even though she's too small to reach.

She also knows how to get out of things, like through partition gates. It looks like she's good at problem-solving.

Don't worry you guys. Renza figured out how she does it and closed all the Fluffy exit points that were apparently not obvious to us.

Mommy had to pretend to hide so that she can catch Fluffy in the act because she waits until no one is watching. Vicious and sneaky. Not a good combination. We're okay for now until she finds other ways.

Anyway, time to go you guys. I'll leave you to go and protect your human. Renza promised me a big bowl of puppy food. Don't judge! It's better than that junk they always feed me.

Woof! Woooooof!

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Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Pexels free stock images that mommy edited.

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  1. Cutest guard dog ever. My former employer had a dog that would sit on her feet. I'm not sure if this was to protect her or if she had trained it to warm her ankles. Our office was cold.
    Wise words: "When new visitors come to your house, smell them first."

    1. Lol Thanks for commenting on my blog Stacey. Buffy actually lies with his back facing me when I sit down outide sometimes. I wondered why because I tried to get him to turn around but no luck. So I read it's because he's guarding me. Scoping out the area lol. Yes I also know the feet warming thing. I don't allow it, he's way too heavy but he lies very close against my legs and sometimes rubs his scent off me by moving back and forth Lol

  2. Wonderful post. Dogs are faithful protectors, I just wish all their humans treated them like I'm sure you do. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Mike. Yes it's sad that some dog owners don't appreciate how amazing dogs really are. If I have a bad day, I know a few minutes with my dogs will make me feel better. I never knew a dog could do that. A dog's love is pure and I'm lucky that I got another chance with my Buffy to experience it. :-)

  3. Man, you just have to love dogs, it is a special relationship formed between dogs and humans. You have some wonderful looking dogs, and they are pretty good bloggers, too. Great post, Lorenza.

    1. Lol Thanks Tim. Yes I think they were bred to be bloggers too lol :-)

  4. I showed this to my cat but she just meowed and went over to her food dish!

    1. Lol I'm sure she did Captain. I had a cat only once in my life and he slept on my head when I was a child. Not sure what that was about lol.

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  6. Great post, dogs are sensitive i know, i have 3 cats, cats are hoity toity :))

    1. Thanks Guray! Three kitties sounds like a handfull lol.


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