How My Dog Taught Me To Never Give Up

How My Dog Taught Me To Never Give Up
Those who follow my blog should all know my sweet Buffy or Buff-buff as I like to call him.

He's also my doeboe, my sweetie-pie, and some other names lol. Today I wanted to share the story of how he taught me to never give up.

How my dog changed my life

A few years ago Buffy survived a dog attack by my neighbor's three dogs. These three were very territorial and back then he wanted to be friends with everyone.

He went into their yard and they didn't like that he was trespassing.

I'm not going to go into detail, but it was a near fatal neck wound and he spent three weeks in the animal hospital.

The longest three weeks of my life.

The reason why I'm bringing up such a painful memory is that when I saw my Buffy fight for his life, it made me want to fight for my own.

The other day while talking to someone about the reasons why people change, it came to me that what happened to my dog Buffy was one of the defining moments that made me want to change.

There were a lot of nudges and even signs telling me it's time to change. I just didn't know how or if I could.

But when you witness a miracle like that, it changes you forever. It changed me. That event shoved me forward and it was impossible to look back.

He's a dog, but he's so much more. He got a second chance and so did I.

My Buffy
My Buffy

He reminded me that second chances are possible. Dogs are amazing like that.

He then went on to teach me what unconditional love is. The purest form of love.

At that time I had everyone in my life questioning why I left my job and what my plans were. They didn't know how lost I felt.

Buffy didn't care. He just wanted to be there for me and I wanted to be there for him. We helped each other heal.

dog quote

I was never a dog person before that happened, but this beautiful creature made me see how special dogs really are.

When I was at my lowest, he was there to offer his licks. I know just a moment with him makes me feel that everything will be ok. He survived and I will too.

He's been there every step of the way. Cheering me on. I do all of this for you buddy. You showed me to never give up.

Not forgetting, my new fluff ball who's turning out to be a super awesome dog. Fluffy taught me patience. I never got to raise Buffy and I think or at least hope I'm doing an okay job with her so far.

Fluffy the puppy
My Fluffy

She's not just cute, she's intelligent and friendly too. She's also the craziest dog I've ever come across. Those stories she writes come from a true place.

This fluff ball has plans! How she moves and everything she does makes me feel like I'm in the presence of a dog wanting to be a leader and I take on her persona when I write her stories. It's the craziest thing!

Buffy is still alpha dog around here and he lets her know. She sometimes refuses to listen and yells at him when she can't get her way.

I get yelled at too if I don't obey her commands, lol. Yes, she has a specific bark for yelling. I take note of their different bark sounds to help me understand them better.

She also howls when she hears singing. She's a strange one. I'm glad she's all mine and I'm so proud of her. Of them.

Buffy helps to teach her important lessons about being a dog. I call her little Buffy sometimes because she copies everything he does.

My dogs are my life. It's as simple as that.

Most people won't get it. The bond I have with my dogs is something new and I've never felt anything like it before.

They fill my days with joy and laughter. It's a bond that's pure. There's no room for sadness or disappointment. There's just love and then more love.

Sure, they drive me insane sometimes, but they always find a way to make me laugh even though they did something bad like destroy another dog bed.

They play or sleep all day and don't have a care in the world. Playtime involves chasing each other around the yard, then around my car! They look completely insane when they play.

Buffy makes weird noises and Fluffy goes all out trying to outrun him or jump on him. They wrestle and then they run again. Break, water, repeat!

I'll shout at them to not play so rough, but then I just watch how happy they are. Pure joy. It's contagious.

Fluffy was not just my gift, but Buffy's too. He seemed lonely and I wanted him to have another bestie. A human can only provide so much entertainment but another dog made him really happy.

He's different now. He was really sad after the attack. I helped him as much as I could and he got a little better. He lost something that day. With Fluffy here, he's regaining a bit of what he lost.

Fluffy's friendly puppy nature is rubbing off on Buff. She greets everyone with a friendly body shake greeting that comes here.

Buffy seems calmer and won't jump and bark at people like before. They are learning from each other and I'm learning from them.

I said in my last post "No one is coming to save you. Be your own hero". I take it back. My dog saved me. He's my hero.

Love you my sweet Buffy ♥ and Fluffy

Until next time

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How My Dog Taught Me To Never Give Up

Pic credit: Buffy and Fluffy pics Renza edited.

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  1. They are the best and teach us so many things in so many ways. It's sad that these small breeds are a prey for the bigger ones. Some are really gentle though. I hope Buffy has come out of all the fear. God knows who needs them the most. We like to think dogs need us but it is the other way around always....

    1. True Saroja. He's more careful, than fearful now. He won't run outside our gates like before. It's a painful memory and it made me sad thinking about it. I'm just happy he's okay. He's very special to me. My little guardian angel :-)

  2. Dogs are amazing and we learn so much from them.

    1. Yes Brenda. They are the best teachers on how to live and love. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. Much appreciated :-)

  3. That may have been one of the best blog post I have read in a long time.

    1. Awww Tim. Thank you. That's one of the best compliments I've been given. Lol. This one had me in tears. I know dogs hate hugging, but I just held Buffy tight earlier for a while. He wasn't too happy about it, but I needed to hug him.

  4. Oh darnit, Renza that was a tearjerker!!! I am a big lover of my two huskies. But as far as going through an attack like that,...that must have been traumatic for you and Buffy!! I am glad he came back well and you learned from his pains. You are both stronger in many ways from it.

    1. Yes Brent. It was an awful thing to witness. Luckily we moved passed it and came out stronger like you said. :-)

  5. I can’t imagine how awful that attack must have been for both of you. Sometimes it seems the animals hang on just because they love us so much. I have seen animals grow very old and week and still wait every day for the owner to come home from work. It’s like they want to stay with us because they knew they make us happy and because they love us so much they want us to be happy. I’m glad Buffy survived for you!

    1. It is an incredible bond Paul. I think God placed him in my path to help me. I'll always be grateful. Thank you for stopping by. :-)

  6. Buffy is a true survivor! That's what I love about dogs they are so loving and don't hold grudges.

    1. Yes Stacey. A true survivor. Thanks for reading :-)


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