How To Head Tilt Like a Pro - Dog tips

How To Head Tilt Like a Pro
Woof! Hello, you guys! There are so many things that make us doggies look cute, but there's one specific skill that has the ability to break the humans.

They literary turn into mush right in front of your eyes. That skill is a simple head tilt. Not kidding!

I'll admit for some reason I've not mastered this skill. I have my fluff as an asset. The mind control is working less now that mommy Renza is aware of it.

That means when my hair is short, I'll need some extra skills to help me get more cuddles.

Luckily I know a certain puppy who has perfected head tilting and I'll be interviewing her for some much-needed tips.

Yes, it's Fluffy the puppy. My little sister. Listen up doggies! Head tilting is a skill that must be added to your resumes. 

Head Tilting 101

Buffy: Woof! Hello, Fluffy!

Fluffy: That's Queen Fluffy, Buff!

Buffy: It's just us Fluff! Geez!

Fluffy: Fine. I'll let it slide.

Buffy: Our loyal followers the doggies wanted to learn more about head tilting and you're a pro at it. Can you tell us what head tilting actually is?

Fluffy: Well Buff, it's when you move or tilt your head to the side.

Buffy: Seriously? That's it?

Fluffy: Yep!

Buffy: But why do humans go so crazy when doggies do a head tilt?

Fluffy: How should I know? I'm a puppy. These humans are all nuts!

Buffy: True, Fluff. Are there any tips you can give the doggies out there?

Fluffy: Move your head side to side while staring at your human. But be careful! It might fall off!

Buffy: What might fall off?

Fluffy: A doggie's big head. Dur!

Buffy: Oh wow! Let's hope the doggies use this skill only when necessary. When did you start head tilting Fluff? I didn't teach you that. I don't even head tilt.

Fluffy: I'm a puppy and at some point, my head got bigger. My puppy neck had a hard time supporting my head, so it naturally tilted. That's also how I discovered that tilting opened my floppy ears.

Buffy: Interesting! That means you almost lost your head?

Fluffy: Yes, it was close. My head became very heavy. Luckily I grew fast and now my neck can support my head.

Buffy: But you still tilt?

Fluffy: I saw Renza mommy loved it and she talks a lot of nonsense sometimes. It helps me decipher the "blah blah" better. I couldn't help but tilt. Titling is a must!

Buffy: Is it true that head tilting can be a sign of a medical condition like an ear infection etc?

Fluffy: Yes Buff. Those doggies tilt their heads because they can't help it. In my case, I only tilt after I do some renovating and the mommy human talks to me with her weak voice that's supposed to be loud. I sometimes yell back at her so that she can understand I'm just trying to do important puppy work. Other times I just head tilt and pretend to listen when she talks.

Buffy: You have excellent renovating skills Fluff!

Fluffy: Wow! Thank you, Buff! That means a lot coming from my mentor. Licks Buff

Buffy: Licks FluffThank you so much for that insight Fluff! I'm sure it will help doggies everywhere.

Fluffy: Happy to help Buff! What do I get for this?

Buffy: For what?

Fluffy: The interview!

Buffy: How about I don't frame you for destroying my bed again?

Fluffy: Wow! That's really low Buff?

Buffy: I'm ending off now Fluffy. Thank you very much!

Fluffy: Sure! GRRR!

That's it, you guys. I hoped that was helpful. The head tilt has proven to be a powerful skill and you should all start practicing how to maximize its potential.

Time to go now! I see Fluffy complaining again about me to mommy. The nerve! I think now is a good time to test out my head tilting skills. Wish me luck!

Woof!! Wooooof!!!

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Interviewer: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Future plans: Be the most cuddly dog in the world
Likes: Playing, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Interviewee: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy stuff, part-time blogger
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting feet, hands, destroying everything in sight and cuddles
Dislikes: Baths, being picked up and self-cloning Needleman

How To Head Tilt Like a Pro - Dog tips

Pic credit: Pixabay free stock images Renza edited.

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