The Thrill Of The Chase - A Dog's Perspective

The Thrill Of The Chase - A Dog's Perspective
Woof!! Hello you guys! I have always loved the thrill of the chase. Whether it's a ball, ropey or even Fluffy.

There's just something primal in chasing my prey. Not that Fluffy is prey, but she has interfered with my chasing time though. Grrr!

Mommy Renza has still not figured out how to make us play fetch together. Help you guys!

She takes everything mommy throws to fetch off me. So instead of chasing the ball or ropey, I'm chasing Fluffy. That means I still get my chase on.

Mommy says we're playing too rough. She should just move out of the way! Last time I ran into her at lightning speed and her leg was swollen and sore for a whole week.

Sorry, Renza! But if you're in the way of the chase then you're bound to get hurt.

So why do dogs like chasing things so much? I hear "Fetch!", then I drop everything to go fetch. Whyyyyyy?!!

We are part wolf, so that means we're hunters. But does that really explain why we chase everything that moves or flies through the air? Yes, it does!

Chasing increases our happy hormone levels and makes us feel super excited. It's like a drug.

Here's an article dog chasing behavior if you want to know more. Don't go read it now. That's just rude. It's Buffy time now! Save it for later. Grrr!

Some dogs like the chase too much. Addicts! I was one of them I'll admit. I've limited it to inside the yard. I don't go running outside anymore.

Things that are built into our DNA like hunting, chasing, digging etc, needs an outlet. Some doggies are more prone to a certain type of behavior.

Set up controlled environments so that they can get their fix on. Learn to understand why your dog does something first by researching the behavior, training and focusing the behavior on a safer option instead of just yelling at them to stop.

Knowledge is power, you guys.

I used to chew on my blanket and take it out when mommy wanted to play ball with me. But when I got ropey (affiliate link to ropey's sister) I no longer chewed my blanket and took it out during playtime.

Buffy dog and rope toy
Buffy and rope toy
Ropey filled my chewing need during playtime that a ball couldn't and mommy throws it so I still get my chase on. See! We filled a need with a suitable replacement.

Let's hope Fluffy learns some manners soon and stop taking my toys. She's very rude you guys! Renza needs to teach her or soon I will! She won't like my teaching style. Grrr!!

Mommy fills our need for chasing by limiting us to the yard and closing the entrances so that we stay safe in one place.

I'm sure you humans can find a fix for whatever behavior your dog is displaying that's not acceptable.

Time to go now you guys. Fluffy wants to play again. She's like my shadow and I try to run a little faster than her so that she's actually chasing me. The thrill of the chase is already strong in that one.

It's part of my lesson plan, plus a doggie wants to feel what it's like to be chased too. You know, for research purposes!

Woof!! Woof!!

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Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit: Me (Buffy) and Ropey posing in pics. Plus Pixabay free stock images that mommy Renza edited.

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