Guest Post From Snowy

Guest Post From Snowy
Arf! Arf! Hello humans! My name is Snowy. Renza asked me to introduce myself.

Apparently, she, the stalker and the one that looks like a cloud have a blog together. Help me!

I've been living with them for a little over two months now. Renza calls me Snow-snow then I get all excited and do my snowy dance for her. I like her a lot.

The puppy is very strange. She follows me around everywhere. Whyyy?!!

I stand still and wait till she goes away. Maybe if I don't engage she'll get bored. I think she wants to play with me.

I've seen how she plays. No thanks! There's lots of hair pulling and other weird stuff involved. I'd like to keep my hair thank you...and my sanity!

fluffy and snowy

The cloud hates when I eat in front of him. We'll never be friends, unfortunately. He made it clear he's not interested in being buddies.

I hope it's not all my scent spreading that's bothering him. Everything here needs to smell like me. He keeps interfering with my business.

buffy and snowy

He sometimes makes himself comfortable on my bed. Not sure why when he has his own bed. Renza says I smell different to him.

I'm not neutered so Cloudy thinks I want to take over. I think Fluffy is taking over already. Who's in charge here anyway? I have no idea!

buffy and snowy

My human visits me once a week. I miss her a lot. I like Renza, but I belong by my human's side. I understand why I had to come stay here a little while. Only a few months to go then I can go home again.

I need to get some rest now. I'm not a youngster anymore and need loads of sleep. I might pop in now and again to update you on stuff.

I'm sure I can dig up some dirt on the three wannabe "alphas". Seriously, who's in charge here?!!!

Arf!!! Arf!!!!

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Author: Snowy aka Snuffy
Job: Co-guard dog
Likes: Watering everything, tummy scratches, sleeping
Dislikes: Being forced to play with crazy puppies and being yelled at by clouds for eating and because they can't water stuff like me.

Pic credit:  Pics human Renza took with her cheap horrible phone camera. The main pic was when I came back from the parlor.

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