Our Sunshine Blogger Award

My Sunshine Blogger Award
Hello, Everyone!

We've been on a break for a while because of endless issues with everything. Not just the blog but some personal stuff too. Luckily everything is mostly sorted out now.

Life is never without challenges, but the storms always pass. I got a nice reminder of this a few weeks ago when I saw a really bright sunshine pic and my name linked to it.

Our Life and Dog stuff blog was nominated by blog friend Theresa Jacobs for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Thank you so much, Theresa.

It came at a time when I needed a little sunshine. Not just because we're in the middle of winter (on my side of the planet), but because I forgot the reason why I started this blog. To spread a little sunshine of my own.

Theresa is a very talented writer/author and has published a few books already. I highly recommend you check out her work.

Here's a link to her blog theresajcbs.blogspot.com and her author page theresajcbs.wixsite.com/authorpage. For the horror fans, she's a contributor to 1428elm.com too.

Theresa is an inspiration to all the writers out there, including myself.

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate other blogs to receive the award and write them new questions to answer.
4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

My Answers 

1. How many animals do you own? What types and names?

I have two doggies of my own. Their names are Buffy and Fluffy. I'm looking after my cousin's dog Snowy too. Snowy is a male Maltese (11). Buffy is a male Maltese poodle mix (8). Fluffy is a female Maltese poodle mix (7 months).

2. How do you keep a blog fresh from a pet's perspective?

My dogs are crazy! They always do weird and funny things. I love their personalities. Fluffy always wants to take over at home that's why her character is planning world domination. I adapt to her personality and place myself in her shoes. Paws?

Buffy is more laid back and cool. He gives advice to other doggies about being better at being a dog although he struggles a bit too. He's honest. I couldn't write for Fluffy in the beginning because I did not know her personality yet. Once we bonded it was easy.

The two of them give me enough writing material with the things they do all day long. Snowy might join us soon for a guest post or two.

He's kinda freaking out because Fluffy is stalking him and Buffy watches and waits for him to make the wrong move. Yep, my two dogs are like a small little gang. I'm really sorry Snowy.

3. What made you decide to write about or with your animals?

When I started my blog I wanted it to be an advice blog where I share my stories. I wrote about dog stuff in my own voice. About things, I've observed and learned in my time while helping and training my Buffy.

One day an idea popped into my head to let Buffy do a guest post. He wrote a few and a fellow blog friend said she loved his perspective and others said the same. It became a regular thing.

Soon Fluffy came and she wanted nothing to do with the blog. In time her need for fame and taking over grew so much that she had no choice but to join and use the blog as her platform to be heard by the masses.

4. If you could tell the world one thing that is most important to you as a pet lover, what would it be?

My dogs are my life. I get very defensive and protective if anyone says or does anything to them. That's when my claws come out. You mess with them, then you mess with me.

Protecting them is something that's important to me. All pets should be protected. I love taking care of them. They've shown me so much love and it's so easy to love them back.

Don't be scared to love these furry friends. Life is short. They only add to your life. Without them, I'm empty. Love for my sweeties! ♥♥♥

The nominees can nominate anyone they choose with their own set of questions. I only have two, but you can nominate more if you choose. Buffy and Fluffy decided who to nominate. The nominees can choose to join in and pass it on.

The Nominees

Shaun the Labrador - Buffy nominated his new online buddy, Shaun dog. This sweetie runs the Blogrador blog and his view on everyday life is hilarious. Check out Shaun and pet parent Anna's blog www.blogrador.com.

Alice in the dog zone - Fluffy is very curious and nominated Alice because she has loads of info about doggies on her blog. Besides giving dog parents advice and tips, she also does profiling on all the different kind of dog breeds. Check out her blog inthedogzone.com.

Questions for the Nominees

1. What made you decide to blog about dog stuff?

2. If you could tell the pet-less one thing about having a pet, what would it be?

3. How many pets live in your house and names, please?

4. What is your dog's favorite treat, meal, and toy?

5. Buffy wants to know what special skills your dogs have that make you do anything they want?

6. Fluffy is planning to become Queen of the world. She wants to know if you think she'll have competition from your dogs? Are they willing to risk everything and possibly go to the mysterious Fluffy island?

7. What piece of advice can you give dog parents (especially new ones), that helped you a lot when raising your dog through the years?

Congrats to the nominees! I'm looking forward to your answers. Shaun dog you can just adjust the questions and answer from a doggie's perspective.

Thank you again, Theresa. Please make sure you check out her blog and the nominated blogs as well.

Until next time

Pic credit: Pixabay free pic Renza made into a Sunshine Blogger Award.

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