Overcoming Writer's Block - Buffy's Tips

Overcoming Writer's Block - Buffy Tips
Woof! Hello humans! I have no idea what to write about today. I have a serious case of doggy writer's block. Well if all your ideas are shot down, you'll feel the exact same way!

Mommy Renza keeps saying no to all my ideas. Seriously, guys! I need some creative freedom.

Here are a few ideas I pitched to her and all I got was a big fat NO! I swear that's the only word she knows.

Buffy's blog topics

1. Dog and cat fighting rings - I'm sure that's a thing, you guys. Why else would they say fight like cat and dog? Huh? I'm sure with a bit of research we can find out where I can fight a cat. Grrr!

2. Five best places to hide on wash day - Doggies out there will definitely benefit from this one.

3. Effective ways to beg for table scraps - C'mon, I've perfected begging for food.

4. Ways to be cute and get away with anything - Another talent of mine that I need to share.

5. Survival tips if your human is cuckoo  - There are some crazy pet owners out there. I have one!

6. How to guard your human - This one is important for doggies to learn. We have to guard our food supplier.

7. How to greet other dogs and making a good first impression - Uhm ok guys I don't have the best track record for greeting other dogs. I chased a few small ones around the neighborhood. Well, who told them to run. I just wanted to play. Woof!

I'm sure none of these topics have been covered before. Or have they? Hmm. I'll have to up my 'cute and get away with anything' game with Renza. I'm sure she'll cave.

The food supplier is like putty in my paws. I just stare at her. Then she's like "What?" and then the crazy talk starts "Oh my sweetie babaloe". Putty you guys and uhm mental.

Writer's block happens when you feel restricted and want everything to be perfect. Mommy is a perfectionist. That's why she says no to all my ideas.

I say, just write whatever you want to write about. No rules, restrictions or wondering what others will think. No one is going to see that first draft anyway, right?

You can see what comes out of your unrestricted creative mind and just edit the hell out of it afterward. Happy writing! Hope you get over your writer's block soon.

Woof! Wooooof!

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Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing and hanging out with Renza and Fluffy, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and visitors with long coats

Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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