Fluffy is No Longer a Puppy

Fluffy is No Longer a Puppy - Fluffy growing up
Ruff! Ruff! Hello, my fluffy pack. Changes are happening all around us lately. Besides the season changes, I've finally reached adulthood, although I'm not really sure what that means.

Yep! I am no longer a puppy

Change is hard! As puppies, we grow up super fast. One day we're tiny and defenseless, then we destroy everything you own while crawling deep inside your heart. In a blink of an eye, we're all grown up.

Mommy says I'm a young lady now. Snowy wants to be my boyfriend but he's very old and it's kinda gross.

I guess my 5 step plan to recruit Snowy worked. Too well! Unfortunately, I have a stalker now. I forgot about the thin line between loyal follower and stalker. Very thin line!

Mommy had to play prison guard and Snowy escaped once already. He's a persistent little stalker. Buffy warned mommy when the prisoner got loose and he was placed behind the separation gates again.

Security was doubled afterward. Luckily he does not have my professional escape artist skills. He paid everyone back by barking all night long. For a week! No! I did not teach him that. I sleep through the night like Buffy taught me.

I'm only turning one in November and that's normally when puppydom is over but I'm displaying signs of adulthood already. It's so confusing, I know.

Luckily my mixed breed, the maltipoos look and act like puppies forever. I think the human should just keep quiet and let me be a forever puppy. There's way too much puppy work still left to do.

We've been offline for a while because mommy broke all her computer stuff again so we couldn't write proper blog posts. Computers hate her ever since she decided to not work with them anymore.

Don't ask me if that's a real thing, but it's the only explanation I can think of if a computer and two tablets break simultaneously two times in one year.

Enough about mommy's curse. She brought it upon herself. This post is just an update to let my fluffy pack know I've not abandoned them and updating everyone on what's been happening.

Next week I'm going to the self-cloning Needleman to get spayed. I'm not really sure what that means but anything related to the Needleman is probably bad.

Geez! I growled only once and now they want to send me back there. I tried to attack Buffy because he wanted to eat my food and mommy had to hold me back. I said sorry, I think. He's very bossy!

We're best buddies again. Luckily Buff doesn't hold grudges. I could have taken him for the record. I'm super strong. The human loves interfering in my business.

We might be offline for a bit more because mommy wants to focus on my recovery after I come back from my little trip. Seriously, what are they gonna do to me?!

She says the blog can get all consuming sometimes and overwhelming. Things breaking is normally a sign it's time to take a blog break and focus on what's important. That's the pack. We always come first.

My world domination plan will be on hold until my return. We'll be back soon, minus Snowy. It's confirmed that his mommy will be fetching him next week.

Snowy dog smelling flowers
Snowy watering and smelling flowers at the same time!

For a while, we thought his stay with us might be permanent, but it's not. We're all sad that he's going home but I can see he misses his family a lot. Buffy is happy, but I know he will miss not having someone to yell at.

Mommy is sad that her Snowy will be leaving her. Oh, I saw how she gave him special treatment! She's also freaking out because she's sending me to Dr. Needleman.

Typical weak human! This is exactly the reason why you all need a strong leader like me. Don't worry! I'll cure you of your weakness disease.

Fine! I'll admit it! Snowy and I hold paws and have dates by the separation gates. We can't be together because mommy says I'm not allowed to clone myself.

They say I look like Snowy in the pics. Clone? I'm twice his size! Plus I have more teeth. I will miss Snowy. Don't tell anyone I have a bit of weakness inside me too. I blame that Renza!

Bye, bye Snowy. Come visit us soon! ♥♥♥

So many changes yes. It's no fun. No fun at all!

Time to go now my fluffy pack. Wish me luck! Renza human will pay dearly for this of course. I'm busy formulating a plan to get her back.

Letting Dr. Stabby spay me is super evil of her. I'll admit, I'm impressed by her evilness but payback will be merciless!

Ruff! Ruff!

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Fluffy the puppy growing up time line.
Fluffy the puppy growing up timeline.

Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy work, part-time blogger, a world leader in training.
Future plans: World domination
Likes: Biting hands, destroying everything in sight, playing, stalking, digging, cuddles and tummy rubs.
Dislikes: Baths, self-cloning Needleman and not getting my way.

Pic credit: Fluffy(me) and Snowy posing for pics Renza took and edited. Buffy slept.

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